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  1. An oldie I know, but.......... Question: How can you tell when an SNP politician is lying? Answer: His/Her lips are moving. Fucking liars from cradle to grave that shower of devious bastards.
  2. Anyone listening to (and accepting as fact) the ramblings of an anti-Crown, anti-Union baw-bag like the aforementioned heid-the-baw MSP needs to take a long hard look at themselves. The Scottish Nasty Party are a blot on the landscape......a landscape which they have blighted with their wind-farm skulduggery. Fuck the SNP. And while I'm at it.......FUCK the BBC.
  3. If it was down to what a team's playing staff earns then Moaningchester United would win the EPL and the CL every season. That they don't (nor even look remotely like doing so) would indicate that the "big spenders" theory is hogwash. The Bead-rattlers XI have no competition in Scotland at the moment - none - and until they do let them pay over-inflated wages. The European scene has blown their cover.
  4. Are you sure this was an Ibrox Stadium experience as what you've just described sums up my last experience in the Centre Court at Wimbledon. Fucking snobbish accents going on and on and on about "the fucking servants........you can't get a decent boot polisher these days....." etc, etc.
  5. I think you and I are at cross purposes/swords here. I only agreed with a post of his on page 1 of this thread wherein he states we need to give MW more time - not bow to the knee-jerk reactionaries etc. Given that the issues some have with MW's style of management and tactics I'm only slightly surprised that David Weir escapes any criticism since it is defensively we are the least effective. He is after all WM's sidekick and was not a bad defender in his day.
  6. I never thought I'd ever type the following sentence. I agree with Bluepeter9.
  7. I've just read that pile-of-pish (the link) big McLeish uttered. According to the World Of Eck, only "Slur Awex" can disrespect the media. Oh yeah? Put simply.........the club's are only obliged to put up a member of the "management team"........well fuck them. Jimmy Bell should be reclassified and added to "the management team" with immediate effect. Jimmy can then tell them how much m.p.g. that big bastard bus gets.....or he can tell them how many times during a match he hands players a bottle of water, etc, etc and so on. Mark Warburton is 100% bang-on-correct. Blank the taig-loving bastards.
  8. If he didn't already know it, this latest anti-Rangers-related bullshit from another so-called 'impartial' broadcaster (if you consider BBC Scotland to even have the ability to spell 'impartial') then Mark Warburton and his coaching staff from south of the border will now understand what Rangers supporters have been saying for decades. There is no level playing field when it comes to Rangers FC and the media.......indeed the last openly pro-Rangers individual I can think of was Jim ("just how good are you Brian?") White....and how long ago was that? Let them fester. Let them wait, microphone in hand. Send out the least approachable player in the squad (preferably with little command of the English language) and fulfil any post-match interview obligation and, when they whinge...tell them to go do one. Fuck BT sports, Fuck BBC Scotland and double-fuck the SNP.
  9. Donald Trump. Under his management we'd lose more games than we win......but hey.......think of all the pussy the team would be grabbing? (Note: the use of the word "pussy" is used for effect......it's a 'Donald' word.....CB prefers the description "her down-there lady bits")
  10. Doesn't said Shuggie Burns run a boozer in Prestwick, called (funnily enough) 'Burns Bar' or some such?
  11. Blimey....a landlord who REFUSED to hand over CCTV tapes?? If only there were more like him/her.
  12. The caravan observation fits perfectly with this little rabid 'tinker' and I'd rather sit and watch a room full of paint drying before I'd put myself through the agonies of having to suffer "McGuire" and his guests. Oh.....and the "McGuire" word was dropped because in his rabid little world it sounded too "Kattalik"......which is what he is.
  13. The rodent in question is, it is claimed by some, a BBC Scotland sports reporter of some ill-repute. He first appeared on our TV screens about a decade or so back, film footage of him crawling from under a rock, then slithering into a cesspit from where he transformed into the Gollum-lookalike is available on YouTube (the Rattler section). He is human (sort of) in appearance, but is really a piece of shit that dropped from Satan's arse.
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