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  1. There is a team there and the overhaul a lot of people call for isn’t needed. We need 4/5 quality additions to go straight into the first team and an experienced manager, then we’d be able to put up a decent challenge
  2. He got an assist against Hamilton away at the end of last month. His assist record last season was good. It's his finishing that is the issue.
  3. "Partick Thistle boss Alan Archibald and Hamilton manager Martin Canning are united in their criticism of referee Steven McLean after last night's 0-0 draw at New Douglas Park. (STV)" Not seen either of the above incidents but surely something needs to be done about the standard of refereeing in general, every week there's at least one big incident they've gotten wrong
  4. They've played it very well. The role itself is just bizarre though. Basically a random football fan gets to decide who gets banned or not. If they wanted to do it properly the CO would be a retired, qualified official from another association who has no connections or affiliations to our game.
  5. Surely the CO should have some sort of refereeing experience? From the press release put out when he was appointed he appears to have no relevant experience. http://scottishfa.co.uk/scottish_fa_news.cfm?page=1961&newsID=13575&newsCategoryID=1
  6. He seems firey enough to handle it. If they don't already I'm sure the players will soon realise it truly is us v everyone else.
  7. Exactly mate, RangersTV didn't show a reply but it's clearly not a free-kick to them. Just saw the stokes one too, horrendous. On a positive note, Morelos looks a player!
  8. Cheers mate. Absolute joke, looked like a red when I saw it at the game
  9. Anyone know what minute this awful foul by him was? Want to take a look on Rangers TV
  10. That's what it looks like, seems to pull his right leg away at the last moment and let Shinnie run past
  11. Thought that's what I saw at the game so went back to check as I couldn't believe it. It did indeed! Hopefully he'll not feature at the weekend
  12. He totally shat out of the tackle leaving Shinnie one v one with Wes. Had either win the ball or clean Shinnie out in that situation
  13. Agree his long punts were useless but as has already been said there were so many times where none of our players gave him an option for a short pass. Thought he shielded the ball well and put in some good tackles in the second half
  14. Don't know anymore I'm afraid, just know we're looking for a sponsor for the back as well as the front
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