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  1. Didn't see game was at work. Hopefully no hysteria on here.
  2. Why did you want him out? Always baffled me that.
  3. If some on here had been in control we would have sacked him. Lesson being don't listen to supporters..
  4. Something seriously wrong to do that.
  5. Comments like that means credibility goes down. That isn't serious analysis. Go to a pub with such comments is what I'd suggest he does.
  6. The car park riots were just disbelief mixed with reality hitting them.
  7. Get the champions league music out!
  8. None of us were panicky about this is what makes it funny. We knew what would happen.
  9. Could not write this. 😂 Sensational.
  10. Look at the positives they got a clean sheet.
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