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  1. Talking about roofe goal now. Download mytuner for radio. More handy than visiting the website.
  2. Loma is great but the talk of all time great seemed premature to me. Size probably didn't help.
  3. They've been very lucky in some of them though. They got battered today all over the pitch.
  4. Fantastic record. Although I'd swap it for a league. Or just go all the way...
  5. We dropped points to Livingston. A really shit team. Don't blame the pitch. These teams need despatched.
  6. Transfers? He's been given enough money and players and more importantly time. So this is it. Do it or gone.
  7. Gerrard should be sacked if we don't win the league this season mainly because it's his squad now. It's his team and it's all on him but more importantly celtic are seriously there for the taking. With proper pressure on them they would fold but we just don't have it in us to do it. They aren't even plauing remotely well and will be top going into October.
  8. The other lot would have put 2-3 past them after we went 2-1 up. Teams with a winning mentality kill you in such situations. We just let them off the hook.
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