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  1. We've been just OK so far but we are leading but we must up it and improve too. I'm sure Gerrard and all the players know that. Just don't panic.
  2. It's easy to overreact. More interested in the team to just keep a calm head. Move on to next game. Don't panic.
  3. That's what it is all about. They can't attack what is happening on the pitch. So they need to find other avenues to try and comfort themselves that they aren't top dog right now.
  4. Michael Stewart should not be a pundit on Rangers games. His bias isn't just football related but a deep political angst he has against Rangers and Unionism. But we see these insane comments from Celtic affiliated people because Rangers are now top dogs in Scotland and they can't take it. They have nothing to talk about when it comes to the football and so must go outside of the football to try and make up for it and to make themselves feel good.
  5. He'll stop Usyk if he fights him and doesn't box him. A huge difference. Probably the worst strategy from a boxer in years. Still can't understand what he was thinking. I think Joshua will beat Usyk. Whyte knocks out Wallin. Whyte and Fury fight. Then winner vs Joshua next summer Wembley.
  6. Fury will probably come in slightly better condition for Joshua or Usyk. That is his fighting weight. A wrecking ball. The champion of the world from the UK. Wilder actually got some good shots in after the knockdown but as he waned Fury just absorbed them better and bar one incident in the 10th he took control of the rest of the fight. He beat Wilder up again no question and if Wilder comes out with complications from it then himself but his team will have to take responsibility for that. Breland stopped it to stop what happened last night. That was a severe beating.
  7. Tyson is in his optimum fighting condition which suits him.
  8. Maybe City dominance will be over now. Small time fans will not be happy.
  9. Fury would have considerable height advantage and reach advantage. Then you put weight advantage to that. Fury is 19st+ of a rock solid heavyweight. Usyk was 15st 11lbs for Joshua. Fury 19st fighting weight.
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