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  1. Alexander the Great with a great victory. NI we try out best no doubt but think our golden era is now gone.
  2. Going unbeaten would be an amazing achievement. A pretty big objective to strive for.
  3. Should have beat the shit out of him. Fuck the consequences.
  4. Never happening because it would have to be started at the lowest league. Which isn't in our interests to do that. You'd be talking maybe 8-10 years before being in the Premier league.
  5. Doesn't rate the players who he brought in? What an absolutely INSANE comment.
  6. Spike in Covid? Millions have been vaccinated. The older people certainly. The younger people will very likely be fine.
  7. Newmansnewman etc. RIP. I'm a bit emotional about it. People who loved Rangers on here no longer with us. I can only hope they are in some place else and see today. ❤
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