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  1. If she was injured then fair enough she gave it a go. Something probably was up. Maybe the ADHD story is true. 🤷
  2. Well apparently she wasn't allowed her ADHD medication which I didn't know. So I can only apologise if that's the case. Although would have been best if she didn't compete based on that alone as I imagine it would effect her performance. if it isn't true then I stick by my comments that she quit. If she quit before the Olympics on those grounds I wouldn't be critical. It would have allowed the US team time to fully assess the situation and see if they can manoeuvre a way to give them the best chance to win Gold. The image of quitting in the middle of fierce competition isn't good. I
  3. In a dangerous sport? In which you must be on it to not get hurt never mind win. I can understand the sympathy from some here. I've had my own mental health issues but ultimately I look at it and can only call it for what it is. She did quit. Roberto Duran quit against SRL. Still seen as one of the greats although that still casts a tiny shadow on his legacy. Probably be the same with Biles. Probably won't compete again. Gymnasts don't last long.
  4. She CHOSE to compete. She knew she wasn't right mentally (that is if you believe the narrative put out). By competing knowing she isn't right she fucked over her team. This isn't a complicated issue.
  5. Saying this on a forum which is designed for people to talk and debate about Rangers which has professional footballers. You ever been critical of a Rangers player? Talking nonsense. A big deal is screwing your team over by quitting and her team mates who trained a long five years to try and win a gold. As I said if she wasn't in the right place then don't compete.
  6. If she isn't in the right frame of mind then why go? She was performing badly and they did lose. You could argue she would be putting her team at a disadvantage but if she turned up at the Olympics with serious issues then she put the US at a disadvantage full stop. Even if you turn up and it's going shite you still shouldn't quit. I understand it's dangerous but that's her job and sport. Paula Radcliffe did similar in 2004 with stomach issues and couldn't keep food down but ended her face with like 7 mile left or something. Should have just grinded out a finish.
  7. Absolutely it is in question. She quit on her team while losing. It doesn't matter if you are losing you don't quit. Will cast a shadow over her now.
  8. Sporting pressure my arse. Never quit on teammates. Losing and folded like a deck chair. We'd never accept it with Rangers.
  9. Good display. A lot of options for Gerrard to work with.
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