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  1. your probably right triple shooting drills until the falkirk game. I like wee zel but his shooting has been pretty woeful.
  2. it's true there are a lot of knee jerk and over the top reactions but to me that shows that folk are passionate about the club, most folk after a day or so calm down and post sensibly(well sensibly for rm lol).
  3. fook sake when you put it like that it looks even worse lol Obviously I am not an expert on these things but surely if the shots are within 25 yards and within the width of the box we should be looking at at least a 50% "success" rate?
  4. so basically out of 22 shots 6 hit the target, even taking out the 6 blocked shots thats still pretty grim.
  5. I think even he would have struggled with that one
  6. I see....it all makes sense now, this is were we have been going wrong
  7. this is what I have been saying to folk, we get plenty of shots off but less than half of them are on target. a few of the efforts recently have been cringeworthy and a couple were down right embarrassing considering they were taken by a pro footballer lol we really need to double down on our shooting drills in the next few weeks.
  8. I'm so glad someone else said it, we are screaming out for a big lump of a target man so we can play the long ball I think daly would be a good shout, probably wouldn't cost much on wages either
  9. you beat me too it lol I consider a player young until 24/25, although it does depend a lot on the player as they mature at different rates. Holt is definitely still a young player
  10. glad to hear it, will be great to put them in their place in front of a full house 3-0
  11. can't argue with any of that, the only problem is the lack of height in the team so any cross would have to be perfect.
  12. It can get a bit frustrating but I think that is more to with tactics rather than individual players. We seem to be set up for our two wide attackers to cut inside to allow our full backs to overlap. I have found myself screaming take him on and get to the byline more than once to be fair lol I also think we would really need to work on our crossing if we wanted our wide men to hit the by line as we would have no one over 5"10 in the box. That's probably the reason waldo always cuts his crosses back along the ground.
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