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  1. As a footballer not even close. As a Ranger far closer than you think imo.
  2. Gazza definitely a more talented player than Ferguson but Barry played here longer, won (far) more, captained the team and had big game performances against them and in Europe. Davis similar albeit a level down from Ferguson. Would still put Gazza ahead of him though.
  3. Actually looking at it, Butcher should definitely be out (only here 4 seasons and barely played 1 because he broke his leg) and replaced by Meiklejohn (only won the 13 league titles and is known to be the tactical brain behind the Bill Struth era). Will be sacrilegious to some on here but Gazza shouldn’t be in it either. I would say Barry and maybe Davis from modern times deserve in ahead of him, Greig could be in there as well to get another full back in or there are probably a fair few more going back who’s body of work as a Rangers centre mid will be greater.
  4. Pretty sure only players from post 1945 were considered in that vote. So no Morton, Meiklejohn, McPhail etc.
  5. Pretty telling to me that the two closest Slavia players to the incident are Sima and Deli and they hardly rush to their team mates defence as is the norm with football handbags. They don’t even go in to try and calm our guys down.
  6. Noticed during the game that a ticker came up saying Alfredo had scored 90 goals for us, obviously now 91 after his late winner. Got me thinking about past 100+ goal scorers for us, I remember a big deal being made about Boyd hitting the milestone, was he the last player to do it for us or did Miller also make it? I also was trying to find a list of all the players who had hit the 100 goal milestone for Rangers but had little success. Wonder if anyone could find that. Would be great to see Morelos join that club before the end of the season.
  7. Unless my sums are wrong, if we win the next two games, they HAVE to win at Tannadice or else we’ve won the league. I reckon they’ll chuck it
  8. The VHS I have fond memories of was my Dad’s Super Cooper video that was about 75% clips of Davie performing outrageous pieces of skill with ‘It’s a Kind of Magic’ by Queen playing over the top.
  9. First half season he was here he was genuinely top class. Second season, not so much but still went on to have a very very decent career. The only way Duffy's career is going after this is down.
  10. Can't believe this is the first time I've seen that. That is the most clear and blatant out of all of the ones I've seen on this thread. McNulty completely goes against his momentum to land on Clare. If that doesn't get a retrospective ban then pretty much all stamps missed by the ref cannot be punished.
  11. Mate this is what Dougie McDonald got hounded out all those years ago. For me this isn’t necessarily about whether Morelos gets a three game ban. This is a chance to go full nuclear, highlight the bias in the system and force out some of the corrupt anti-Rangers bastards in our game, starting with Clancy if he’s a lying bastard.
  12. Silly not to enquire. Would be a big boost to the homegrown quota for Europe next year as he would count as one of our players not just a Scottish player.
  13. Even Sutton in full “Harry Forrester should have been sent off” mode would’ve been embarrassed by Crocker tonight.
  14. This might be unpopular. But the SPFL postponing the lower leagues might be the best chance we have yet of forcing change. There would have been plenty of clubs in League 1 or 2 that would’ve been happy enough with the status quo or happy they had benefited from promotion or avoiding relegation to vote against the SPFL board last time out. Now you’ve got 20 out of 42 clubs unanimously pissed off at the fuckers. This isn’t the time for a “no one likes us we don’t care, fuck ‘em” attitude. We need to be in their ears trying to get them onside. We can’t force change ourselves and could gain
  15. Wonder if Obika’s elbow will be looked at retrospectively by the CO... knew exactly what he was doing.
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