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  1. I'm in that (probably!) Was in the crowd when they filmed at Rugby park😂
  2. Kinda insignificant after the result but what was with the different style 32 red logo at the weekend?
  3. FFS survives the killie pitch for umpteen seasons them does this!
  4. We were told it would be quality over quantity, its been the exact opposite. Been spun more bull (unless a lot happens in the next few hours!?)
  5. Apart from the last 2 mins against kilmarnock he's been dreadful.
  6. Said it since day one, he's another ejaria, hopefully decides to chuck it like he did. And lets be honest Aribo wasn't much better today, rabbit in headlights springs to mind.
  7. Analysis on highlight shows, just show me the highlights, I don't to see some so called expert play with a electronic pen and spout pish.
  8. Clarification of what was reported earlier, we have to advise what sections, would think it will all be in the club deck this time.
  9. But Pedro appointed JJ so theory still applies.
  10. Look at the reaction on here and on social media, to some it is more important to get to sing the stuff than stop it for the good of the club they are meant to support.
  11. Yep and it seems some of our so called fans are desperate to give them the reason to do it!
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