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  1. Shite. Admin, merge/lock my thread.
  2. COPS are probing a deliberate car blaze attack at the home of Rangers star Allan McGregor. Emergency services were called to the Gers goalkeeper’s plush pad on the outskirts of Glasgow on Thursday after a 999 alert was raised. The fireball incident was caught on video that showed flames leaping 6ft into the air. A source said: “It was incredible, one of the cars sitting in the drive was fully alight, it was causing a huge commotion in what is normally a very quiet road". “The homes around here are very expensive and it’s scary to think what could have happened, the flames w
  3. Looks like Itten took a thigh strain in training according to an article floating around a few days ago. Could be a doubt but likewise Defoe could be back in training soon.
  4. Hahaha. I spotted that as well mate. That aside. Not bad.
  5. Absolute pleasure and privilege to have him commentating on Rangers TV. You can tell he does his research with scrutiny. Well worth the TV package.
  6. I for one don't give a fuck. As long as they pump the sheep they can kneel as much as they like. Doesn't bother me in the slightest.
  7. You won't read about this in the Record or Sun. What a boy.
  8. Well. He's actually a left back. One was a left midfielder/winger most of his career and the other was a right footed right back. Just my humble opinion and experience from youth football but playing in your natural position from a young age is when you feel more comfortable. Plus he's young and can be an understudy to Borna. The other two were older.
  9. Just from their responses on Twitter. I'll find a link. https://mobile.twitter.com/LCFC/status/1269309902473789441
  10. Happy about this. Far better option/prospect than Hailliday and Flan at Left Back who were never nautral left backs. He can challenge Borna. 20 years old, built like a tank and will be on relatively low wages. Leicester fans rate him. 4 year deal. Happy days.
  11. I genuinely fear this. Embarrassing if that's the case.
  12. Ness, McCabe, K Hutton and MacLeod. All looked to be very promising youth talents but not one has reached their potential.
  13. Can't really add much to that at all! Superb summery when step outside modern politics and look from a holistic view. Left or right matters shit.
  14. Its becoming blatantly obvious that MSM in Scotland have now retracted any sniff of open corruption and are now back pandering to the SPFL. We shouldn't be at all surprised. Just hope to christ the Rangers board have substantial enough evidence to reveal the corruption without any shadow of a doubt.
  15. I've lived month to month for fucking years so don't lecture me like it's some badge of honour that I'll never earn. I've been there. I'm merely questioning why so many fucking people need to live like this in a supposedly first world country which until 2 months ago, had a "booming" economy. Some arsehole sticks a bat in a sandwich and all of a sudden millions are losing their livelihoods, is that really the best system we can conjure up? Maybe you need to read between the lines better before you start shouting your mouth off.
  16. I'm not rich. I'm doing modestly ok. I came from a shithole council estate around Glasgow like most of us on here. I am hypocritical though as I know I am lucky to be in this position and theres a lot more people worse off but am I going to do anything? Not particularly, I volenteered for the NHS and sent some money to a friend overseas who needs it more than me. Big deal. I just struggle to see the benefits of living in a system that works for the few elite while the rest struggle. But as others have eluded to, communism is no better.
  17. Good point. It doesn't matter what political system you live under. Those at the top are always going to profit. Went to Vietnam in 2018 and I've never seen poverty like it. Horrendously unbalanced country.
  18. Complete prick because I personally don't believe in capitalism? Fucking hell. I'm not the one insulting you over a simple debate. We disagree, who cares? My view is that as everything gets more mointised and profited off, connection to things like community and family become more distorted. I might not be correct and you can shoot me down but its what I believe in. Life shouldn't revolve around money, which is completely fictional.
  19. Watch this probe disappear quicker than the email.
  20. You're being quite provocative matey, you know nothing about me, or me you. Just because we have different views on politics. Although ironically, I live a few miles down the road from her old place where she had her meltdown. Funny old world.
  21. Each to their own. Most people can see the end of the world more clearly than the end of capitalism. I also didn't say communism was the answer either. Like all political systems demonstrate, those in power reap the rewards through the suffering of the those who aren't. That's how it works. And I'm a hypocrite because I've done modestly well in the old capitalism game. But I can see it for what it is.
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