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  1. He's doing fine and still uber staunch !!!
  2. Im obliged Sparkle. Horrible comments from a horrible individual
  3. For many of us the refusal of Wings Over Scotland, aka Rev. Stuart Campbell, to accept the truth or facts is nothing new. However his continued apportioning of blame for the Hillsborough disaster on Liverpool fans themselves - despite the ruling of the Hillsborough inquest jury only last week – marks a new low, even by his normally low standards. It has taken 27 years of courageous fighting by the families of those who lost loved ones to establish those truths and facts. And it was a brutal fight where for most of it they were very much the underdog. They had to scale a mountain where eve
  4. Excellent read and that retrospective punishment for those responsible for and complicit in the cover up has to be a necessity.
  5. Probably the Cup Final bud but Ive already been invited to the Torygen RSC for a pre-match sherry.
  6. For those of who like me were the product of a strict Brethren upbringing the word ‘Messiah’ is only used exclusively for one character in history, and Him alone. But I don’t think anyone would argue that the arrival of Mark Warburton has been akin to mana from heaven for the long suffering blue legions. It would probably have been sufficient if the gaffer had come in spent a few shekels on decent tried and tested pros and secured promotion that way back to the top flight. Perhaps had he laid the foundations of a youthful squad we would have been prepared to even wait a further term
  7. I must need to go on a diet. Im the Flying Pig !
  8. http://www.partypacks.co.uk/white-elvis-costume-pid63888.html?gclid=CNHg0KPWg8wCFbEy0wodcX0C2w#fo_c=1308&fo_k=b723d50038aa3523dd808fe6b27bb0e5&fo_s=gplauk
  9. I dont think anyone has said or argued anything to the contrary Ace, the title heading and the matter under discussion has been - Should Allly be included in the celebrations ?
  10. JB You may well be right about Ally's contribution at the 5 Way Agreement meeting - but in truth with the lack of evidence available its all supposition. As for his management record and hs own thoughts on it - agan you could be right - but you will find most of my angst revolves around his conduct rather than his failings as a manger.
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