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  1. BS The guys on our bus are in rows K and U respectively - neither of them have any problems with restrictive views caused by pillars. I aksed them about row R but neither could shed any light on it
  2. I think the point here is not so much who the potential candidates are but that the decision as to whether they are elected to the board of directors at Club1872 will rest with the members themselves. Thats how CIC's as memebr led organisations are meant to operate.
  3. Ill check with them and get back to you bud
  4. Theres a couple of guys on our bus in EE - and they seem to love it. I was in there ofor one of the pre-season friendlies and enjoyed it - no restrictions on view where I was but guess it depends which seat you are allocated.
  5. Rangers fans are being used as pawns by the SNP in their attempts to divide and conquer.
  6. Back on ful time T on forums now that my computer has been replaced.
  7. Thanks for the replies & status updates - good to see nothing has changed during my absence
  8. T Remember the story about the Prodigal Son....
  9. Hi D'art, What's up?

  10. Are you on facebook or twitter?

  11. D' I don't want to post this as I will get pelters, but, I recall someone mention a Keith Carby before in Bears Den, and I came across this tonight on thevRTC site......

    The motivation to invest £5.5 million into a club which you have no conceivable interest in has baffled people all over Scotland ever since Charles Green intimated that he wanted to take control of Rangers foo...

  12. in relation to the word H**, im currently following up and waiting for Lothian police to respond to me regarding its use and what case law, written policys, guidance ect their officers are given either by Lothian Police or Focus. Iv also written to the SG (no reply), Inverness Police No reply) and the SFA (no reply), albiet the first two have 20 days under foi to respond.

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