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  1. Well they did promise to "protect the brand" - time to fulfill that promise
  2. I do think any such initiative needs to come from the club itself bud, Murray's regime fell from a position of grace when they continually failed to defend the brand, despite many of us warning about the foolhardiness of such a strategy - who can ever forget his response _ *If a publication offfends, dont read it". Its up to them and no-one else & they will be judged according to their deeds (or lack thereof)
  3. Im not convinced Kel its about knowledge - more about pressure in the face of insurmountable evidence
  4. Doubt it, but I wouldnt be sending it in isolation - plenty of other evidence to solidify their hatred of everything our club & support stanf for.
  5. We really need to bud - it should be the start of a long term strategy to defend the club. Im talking about a task force not a PR company
  6. To b honest V I think the tweet screenshot at the beginning of the thread is far more valuable. We know that political statements are a big no no in UEFA's eyes & yet here we have the head of FARE, an agent for UEFA, glorifying such conduct.
  7. There is an absence of proof that UEFA singled out the UB's, furthermore, I have never alluded to that. What is clear that the club believe the offending chant started in BF 1, hence why I believe the subsequent retrospective action took place . The original point I was making is that the original UB statment & the comments of the SLO are contradictory. Perhaps if there wa a minute kept of the meeting that should provide some clarity.
  8. No bud it was my own synopsis of events.
  9. I think the decision to close a specific 3000 seat area was left to the club's dicretion. And they chose BF1 based on the comments I referred to earlier.
  10. I suspect this factor contained in the original comments CB, has very much nfluenced their thinking & decision making
  11. Interesting that these comments from the SLO are contradictory to the events alluded to in the UB's statement.
  12. Given the praise he received post game from SG, he may well have staked his claim for the shirt. I believe having a regular back 4 woul go some way to eradicating those defensive lapses.
  13. What an absolute inspartion you have been gb with this endeavour - my cap is truly doffed Always. Its been an absolute pleasure wayching your efforts and contributing to this fundraiser and seeing the joy on the faces of those who have benefitted from your sterling efforts. You, have like any true Ranger, upheld the sacred trust expected of that accolade. Well done Sir !!
  14. It doesnt really matter if the BBC listens to them or not, and from the information Club 1872 have provided it doesnt look as if they are. But there exists a complaints process that BBC have to take cognisance of - not dissimilar to those Bears who complained about the use of the Newco term to describe Rangers where the complaint ended up with the BBC Trust for arbitration and adjudication. The BBC Trust is no longer arbitrator in these matters therefore if club 1872 continue to escalate it, the matter will be referred to Ofcom for arbitration and adjudication. Furthermore I wou
  15. Ineffective intervention ?? At least they are doing something to challenge the rancidness which exists at Pacfic Quay and keeping members and the widerfan base up to date with the scale & depth of the problem.
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