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  1. Its hard to see the club being able to do anything else MM. Unless fabricating a story about Rangers fans using children as barricades - a story whose journalistic processes etc were absolutely slaughtered by IPSO - whilst the same rag dismissed the unvieling of historic sectarian tweets by the journaist who concocted the story. Its a no brainer - unless you favour complaints from Hitler about war crimes..
  2. I watched Kent during the warm up against Malmo - he took 4 shots at the open goal at the Copland End - he missed 3 out of 4. Clearly something seriously amiss.
  3. So you mean we need Graham Spiers to tell us how terrified out manager is? Or Jacko delivering another of his racial stereotype columns about our centre forward ? As for scrutiny - Ive seen far more fan media criticism about off field subjects such as ticketting issues than anything that has appeared in MSM.
  4. The crazy thing BR is despite all you have listed - some of our fans are still critical of fan media
  5. Yep thought he played well tonight Jim, but still much too early to assess his overall worth
  6. It looks like a white shirt which has been put in the wash with a red Primark polo shirt....
  7. Thought the manager summed up perfectly in his post match interview - the final ball in the final thrid was disappointing.
  8. Yes best mullet to have ever graced the Rangers
  9. BS The guys on our bus are in rows K and U respectively - neither of them have any problems with restrictive views caused by pillars. I aksed them about row R but neither could shed any light on it
  10. I think the point here is not so much who the potential candidates are but that the decision as to whether they are elected to the board of directors at Club1872 will rest with the members themselves. Thats how CIC's as memebr led organisations are meant to operate.
  11. Ill check with them and get back to you bud
  12. Theres a couple of guys on our bus in EE - and they seem to love it. I was in there ofor one of the pre-season friendlies and enjoyed it - no restrictions on view where I was but guess it depends which seat you are allocated.
  13. Rangers fans are being used as pawns by the SNP in their attempts to divide and conquer.
  14. Back on ful time T on forums now that my computer has been replaced.
  15. Thanks for the replies & status updates - good to see nothing has changed during my absence
  16. T Remember the story about the Prodigal Son....
  17. Ralph Brand = though I wish my dad had held back his passion for a couple of years so that it could have been one of my all time heroes - Jimmy MIllar
  18. The stats dont lie and the signs are good, but Ill be more confident when we manage to keep clean sheets against teams who are prepared to have a real go at us.
  19. Dont think any goal anywhere will ever beat this....
  20. A truly dreadul day - hard for those of this generation to understand how news of such a huge disaster could simply trickle through but thats exactly how it happened in these pre-social media days. My brother & his mate Chub had gone to the game - my parents took me to the Hillhead cinema that night to see the Disaster movie Airport - unbeknown on our very doorstep a real life disaster was unfolding. It started in the cinema with a series of whispers which soon grew to a mass panic as relatives grew worried about loved ones. Eventualy my father phone home from a public phone box and brought back the welcome news my brother & his mate were safe & well. That joy was short lived when we heard that a young bear from the next street - David McGhee (14) had perished.
  21. Imagine that mentality in the dressing room or on the park from a supposed leader - dreadful.
  22. The war against racism in Scotland has suffered a considerable setback in recent times, despite the multitude of diversity workshops being run regularly in our country. Such setbacks have not come courtesy of a group of marauding right wing thugs embarrassing our nation but an ignorant media displaying a complete lack of self-awareness and compliance with the material and training provided in the aforementioned diversity workshops. Our national broadcaster, BBC Scotland, lowered the crossbar considerably, providing a platform for allegations that a victim’s claim of racial abuse was solely motivated by a desire to deflect from another news story, and thus lacked credibility whilst at the same time repeatedly demanding evidence of such claims, running contrary to the teaching that a racial crime is an incident where the victim perceives that the conduct directed towards them was motivated by hatred or prejudice. Not only seeking to discredit the victim but providing justification (allegedly) for such motivation. Perhaps in lieu of “Narcos inspired” columns about a Columbian footballer appearing in the Daily Record we should also disregard the pitfalls of racial stereotyping. Better still, suggest that the victim lacks some measure of mettle or bottle if they cannot cope with such abuse. Way to go Davie Provan -target the victim instead of the perpetrators – wind that clock back at least 20 years, and whilst you are there perhaps you could tell us how damaging that orange top was to the peace process. Before I’m accused of viewing this unedifying episode through blue tinted spectacles, its worthwhile reflecting on this tweet from columnist and Tv presenter Jean Johansen : There has been something of a mixed reaction to the Rangers statement on social media. Whether you liked or loathed it, I’m far from convinced that the silence of the Rangers board is justified due to ongoing Police investigations. Much of the unedifying media content and conduct occurred well before the game which gave rise to the latest criminal proceedings. Call me cynical, but the catalyst to this latest Rangers statement release appears to be the recent attack on James Traynor rather than the long standing catalogue of attacks on Alfredo Morelos. As many of us repeatedly warned the Murray regime “So as you sow, so shall ye reap”. Dignified silence is neither dignified nor effective, it is a complete abdication of responsibility – an easy out for those are afraid to fulfil the sacred trust bestowed upon them as directors and guardians of our club. Any Traynoresque statement is akin to a red rag to a bull for some in the Scottish media. Graham Spiers just cant help himself, becoming afflicted with the irrational red mist which he attributes to the foaming bigoted Neanderthals he so often castigates. Never mind the racial abuse – so long as your p’s and q’s are in order. Why bother with the gravity of the message when there is an opportunity to shoot the messenger? The Rangers board are not the only ones guilty of silence. Where are all the anti-racism campaigners and charities, funded to challenge obsolete and draconian attitudes towards racism? Not a single word. This final paragraph in the Ranges statement has drawn some comment : “Finally, Rangers would be more than happy to accommodate the young person involved in this latest incident on one of our courses designed to help people understand why racist and sectarian abuse is unacceptable. Indeed, if any of those journalists/pundits who got it so badly wrong would like to attend we’d also welcome and help them.” Some have suggested it was both crass and undignified. Given the monumental failings of our media – it certainly wasn’t unnecessary.
  23. You do have to wonder GEC. How can the manager be so "shocked" after the performances against Stranraer & St Mirren ? Kris Boyd touched on the problem post match which he mentioned SG's favoured 13/14 players - but what about when they are not cutting it ? Do they keep the jersey week after week despite poor perfomances ? What kind of motivation is that ? Jones & Docherty must be wondering what they have to do to get game when the failings from the game previously are ahead of them on the team sheet. Did anyone honestly expect Ojo to turn things around for us when he came on ? I know I didnt
  24. In 1928 Rangers faced celtic in the Scottish Cup Final, a trophy we had not won in 25 years and there was a real feeling of a Scottish Cup hoodoo. With captain Tomy Muirhead injured it seemed that the hoodoo showed no sign of abaiting and Dave Meiklejohn assumed the role. In 55 minutes the wee Blue Devil Alan Morton sent in a cross to Jimmy Fleming who saw his shot cleared of the line by the hand of Cetic defender Willie McStay. A penalty was awarded, but given the long standing hoodoo, there was no clambour to take it. Up walked Dave Meiklejohn and took charge. The whole furore of the hoodoo was flashing through his mind. However after a short run up he drilled the ball into the corner of the net and Rangers went on to win the match 4-0, whilst "Meek" went onto become one of the greatest captains the club has ever seen. Jeff Holmes in hs book argues that Meek was the Greatest ever Ranger. Cometh the hour cometh the man.
  25. SB you can flip it any way you like like but the bottom line is that we wont win anything with a team which cant regularly keep a clean sheet.
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