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  1. Sadly I think it was rife in football for years. Maybe not so much now, but certainly in recent history. Older senior players/coaches sometimes picking on youngsters to supposedly ‘toughen them up’. Was told a story by a lad once about how a youth couch had him by throat up against a wall for attacking up the wing too much rather than staying in full back position.(he’d set up some goals too). Senior first team player intervened and threatened coach he’d get him sacked if he did it again. Very next youth training/bounce game, couch played and went thru lad at knee height deliberately and did
  2. I feel we lack a bit of energy or zip in middle of team at moment. Too many times in recent weeks we have opted to turn back or play safe when players have had opportunity to drive into space or at opposition players. But we’ve just become a bit ponderous it seems. Kent was bought precisely to be that kind of ‘drive’ player, but his form and confidence has dropped off a cliff of late. He did it twice yesterday in first half and caused them problems, needs to do it far more often and consistently. Just encourage him to be direct. But he’s not only one, and we need to be braver sometimes i
  3. Kent and Aribo certainly need to up their game. They also need to be told to turn and drive at opposition quicker especially domestically. The step overs (fan dancing us old timers would say) from Kent in space when no one is really near him and the spin and turning back when he has opportunity to go forward needs to be highlighted by management and he needs coached to be braver and turn upfield more in those situations. Be more direct! For the money we paid for him, he’s supposed to be the kind of player that produces in final 3rd That wee bit of magic to open up opposition. He’s not doing th
  4. He was blowing for every soft touch by our players, completely breaking any momentum we had, also before they scored first, Goldson broke in to their box from wide and was clearly being hauled back and St Mirren defender had hold of his arm. Now he allowed Goldson to get cross off, but it came to nothing. but it’s a foul all day long so it’s a penalty in box. Might have been sift, but less than the one they got later.
  5. Alfie was very poor in first half, when we really need him to be holding up ball and taking pressure off us. He improved in 2nd half as team did. But he does seem to lack the zip and drive his play had last year. Perhaps partially due to change in tactics. But I think it’s also his own approach at times, But also tonight, he should have been played in around 3 times which could have left him 1 on 1 with their keeper, but each time pass was poor and beyond his reach. I don’t think he’s firing on all cylinders but equally I still think service to him has been poor.
  6. Disagree to an extent. There a few players at fault in each goal. And It’s Davis that let’s both scorers run off him in box. Hes slow to react in both. Even if first 1 in particular is a bit of a pinball effort.
  7. We are damned if we do and damned if we dont, so imo Club have to just go for it and use both the official quiet approach thru the official channels but also use the post match interviews too. Simple “ disappointed” in refs performance statements! “Don’t understand that decision” comments! Keep chipping away at them!
  8. I should add Gerrard and club should be challenging refs decisions especially when we are winning so it doesn’t look like sour grapes or looking for excuses. Last old firm game and Clancys performance should have been brought up by club for example!
  9. The club should complain or rather ask for Clarification after every single game for refereeing decisions. Gerrard should just mention his disappointment with refs performance and mention directly big incidents such as cards or penalty decisions. Ask how Alfie gets booked for dissent but not the two Livi players who did it kind of thing. Show up the inconsistencies Also our players have to be more vocal and in the instance of Killie make the diving motion to ref every single time they go down. Also makes sure a TV audience sees it so it’s commented on. Challenge every decision against u
  10. Refs should be setting the tone of a game fairly. Too many times ‘robust’ challenges, shoves, pushes, barges, obstructions etc are allowed on our players too often before a card comes out. Sometimes that’s just part of the game but not when there is no consistency on when they are punished. There was a few from Aberdeen yesterday already mentioned elsewhere, which when allowed to go , in turn can lead on to challenges like Considines yesterday. It emboldens opposition players to be reckless against our players. I’m surprised there hasn’t been many more injuries to our players from thi
  11. We need the right manager in place, someone who has the strength to implement a new footballing ethos. A meritocracy where your only keep your place if playing well. I still think on the football side, we could improve dramatically in a short space of time. Most Out of contract players dropped completely and told to train away from first team. No point in playing these guys if not going to be here next year. Keep Bell, McGregor, Moshni, Faure,Law Clark, Hutton Templeton and Aird, (some of those players have not performed but would under a better coach) promote the best of the youths into fir
  12. Rebuilding job can be done in the Spl, and with a competent manager we should be in the European places easily. We still have the basis of a very decent side, Bell, McGregor, Wallace, Mclleod, Law, Clark, Templeton, Aird. bring back the on loan youths like McKay, Crawford, Gasparato, McAusland. And promote the best of the remaining youths and if they're coached well and trained hard and properly, I think we could easily challange for the title. Obviously there are some gaps position wise there, but perhaps one or two of the out of contract players could be kept short term to fill in. New man
  13. As well as sportinglesbians ideas, I'd buy the Daily record and radio Clyde. Sack all the reporters, editors and usual biased suspects. Then get in proper investigative journalists, and radio folk and give them a remit to go after the spl, Sfa, Gcc and all the corruption the can find, leave no stone unturned. Follow all the money trails and see what come out. Too long they have been framing the argument.
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