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  1. Why not? All been brilliant for us in their day, but only really McGregor probably deserves to keep his position at moment. Davis for all his skills is part of the issue when it comes to slow play. He’s too cautious now for me. He can still obviously do a role but I’d rather we let Kamara do that role, who is younger and quicker and more mobile. Davis has started something like the last 28 games for us. So you have to commend hits fitness levels and commitment. I’d just rather we didn’t rely on him at his age. My point was we don’t need him and Kamara doing same thing, I’d have one doing it and would chose Kamara. Allowing us 2 AMs to push forward. Arfield is the one currently furthest out the picture at moment and of course can still do job should we not be looking at Bacuna, or Hagi, or Aribo to fulfil that role. All who are younger and fitter and arguably with some better players. My post was all about the need to freshen up the squad in the summer and those were just some potential changes. It hasn’t happened but will I think become more pressing before end of season.
  2. I should maybe have added that Simpson was just part of the pool of defenders left, if we’d let Goldson go. I;d have kept Edmundson before Simpson as I think he’s a better Defender than Simpson. But I’d prefer katic was in the mix with Helander and Balogan. And then promote one of the youths up. Again we could have maybe used some of any sales money to get in the lad Doekhi. Was he not quoted around £1.5 million mark!
  3. I guess there is a argument that any or all of Goldson, Tav, Borna, Kent and Morelos could/should have been sold. I’d personally keep a Kamara but you could argue he could have been sold too. Perhaps even release McGregor, Davis and Arfield released. That’s obviously a complete rebuild of first team. But you have McLaughlin, with McCrorie as back up, ready made replacements for fullbacks, Balogan, Helander, Simpson and Katic still in defence. a midfield orf Kamara, Kelly, Lundstrum, Aribo, Hagi, Bacuna, Ofoboroh. Strikers Wright, Roofe and Fashion. That’s still a strong squad, perhaps with some of the sales money, we could have added Veerman or another striker. We could certainly promote a few youngsters up as well (mcClelland, McCann, Lowry, Weston). I think the above could have that blend of hungry youth, and established players and new blood that we needed to not be sale. all ifs, buts and mibbees now tho!
  4. The team and some players do look stale and a change of players on pitch can go part of the way to address that. For me I’d replace Borna and Tav immediately with Bassy and Patterson. They bring youth obviously, and the eagerness/hunger that brings but are far more physically quick players to. Already I’d say Bassy is a better defender than Borna. And will go past a player which Borna doesn’t do as much. Same for Tav and Patterson and to me Patterson already has more variety to his game than Tav. Both youngsters still need to improve aspects of their game (like crossing) but that will come with regular games. Honestly believe we should have cashed in on Tav and Borna in summer for whatever we could get. in midfield drop Davis. And let Kamara play that holding role (with Kelly as back up), have 2 AM from Lundstrum, Bacuna, Aribo and Hagi. Go with Wright and Sakala wide of either Morelos or Roofe. So that added some youth to team, changed formation slightly but the main Thing for me is tactics. Gerrard and coaches have to encourage the players to be more proactive in such things as quicker passes, first time passes, driving forward at opposition players(commit them fouls) shoot from distance, try 1-2s, get to byline before crossing. It’s all basic stuff but we seem to only do that in short spells. Preferring to play a cautious probing, possession based game Someone said during pre-season friendly with Arsenal, Arteta was standing on touchline shouting “attack, attack,attack” to his players. It’s seems such a minor thing, but that attitude is spot on for me. Encourage players to push forward at all times. We’ve all seem instances of players getting the ball and there is a quick diagonal or forward pass on and they delay and it goes back or square to be recycled. Player just need to be told to be brave and go forward at every opportunity. Change the mindset.
  5. I’m not sure we will ever see Jack back. Is that not close to a year out now? It’s all been a bit quiet on him from club too. Also heard a few rumours that his injury hasn’t cleared up with surgery. Just have this ‘feeling’ now that he won’t be back at all which is dreadful for the lad and the club.
  6. A lot of harsh judgements I feel on him. He needs a run of games to get settled in and hopefully he will improve. He showed a lot of energy and movement especially in first half and although he did snatch at a few shots, hopefully the coaching staff (Defoe) start working on him to improve that part of his game. Similar to the criticism of Wright who started well and then faded, both players haven’t had a consistent run yet. Yes you kind of need to hit the ground running with Rangers but at the same time, we’ve all seen strikers initially struggle and then go on to be great. Their touch, passing, decision making will hopefully improve as they get match fit and a run of games. I think both the, brought an energy to the front line we’ve been missing. They will come good hopefylly
  7. Why did Davis pass it back to him from about 25yrds out. No need what so ever!
  8. I’m not keen on the idea of Davis being the main man in Europe any more, he’s been a brilliant player but feel he’s not what we need in the middle energy or drive wise now. He’s is 36 and I just feel, he goes for the more safety first approach now. And he still does that well, but Tbh we should go with more creativity at all times in both league and Europe. Davis still has a roll to play but perhaps more in the coming on to see games out type thing.
  9. That’s several times recently, the coaching staff have mentioned we will play with intensity and a pressing game and then we’ve been nothing like that during game. Either they are fibbing or the team just don’t follow instructions. I kind of suspect, it’s the style and players we use that dictates how we play and that’s our problem at the moment.
  10. We don’t need 2 holding mids in the league. We should arguably just have one in there. Davis or Kamara. I’d have Kamara as i think Davis is more cautious of the two. And then have 2 offensive minded midfilelders to drive on and play thru lines, go past players etc. We are too predictable. It’s slow and square ball stuff and then out to wingbacks who cross from 20-25 years out on the diagonal. We hardly ever get to byline anymore, we hardly get any free kicks on edge of box as we don’t play thru lines and commit players into tackles. How often do you see our players do simple 1-2s now. We need midfield to be closer to front line and at the moment with 3 defensive mids they are 15-20 yards to far back.
  11. Saw a replay of their first goal from behind goal, and although Kent does lose cheap possession on half way line and then Lundstrum doesn’t turn striker to the outside, when their he strikes the ball, Goodson twists his body sideways. If he squares up, he might block it. Who knows. He’s maybe trying to avoid contact with his arms, hands but still think a defender should face up to a shot. The point is, there is arguably 3 points in lead up to goal to do better and perhaps prevent it. Still feel Kent’s is the probably the worst mistake as it’s the first and cheapest,, but they lost goal as a team.
  12. I’m a bit worried that Jack is maybe finished but even if he’s not, I’m not sure he will be the same player as before when he was a mainstay of midfield. He brings a level of security and calm aggression to the middle which I think is missing at moment. Fingers crossed we see him again in the jersey.
  13. I thought he was dreadful in the first half, and had a much improved 2nd half. Don’t think he was superb but as a player in his mid 30s winning that tackle in last 5 mins and bursting forward to feed Sakala was great to see. Also his challenge out on touchline minutes afterwards. But I still feel he needs to be moved aside for someone more mobile. Davis is the senior midfielder in the team. Everything goes thru him, he’s the fulcrum in there. So if he’s not on it we suffer, and sadly I still think he’s now too slow and too cautious in there. It’s why we look pedestrian in there a lot. Also because he’s not exactly box to box anymore, his supporting midfielders I feel don’t push up as much so he’s not over exposed, so that leads to gaps between midfield and attack. We get away with the slower build up in league generally and we do move further up as a team as defence can step up more pushing Davis and midfield further up but against celtic and In Europe, we don’t dominate as much or play higher up. I feel he gets exposed more, The mid 20’s Davis would be exactly what we need in there now to take us up to the next level. He was my favourite player in his 20s and he’s been excellent this past few years for us, and looked after himself superbly but we shouldn’t be relying on a 36 year old in the engine room to pull the strings. Get someone in middle with his balls skills and who is more mobile and physical perhaps and I think we would be more dynamic as a team Let Davis come on after game is won to manage it out.
  14. Midfield is the problem and Davis in particular! It’s pedestrian and everything is slow, no quick passing or pressing! Davis is too negative 1 run apart! He wants too many touches, continually plays ball back whe. Forward pass or space is on to move into! He doesn’t mark anyone, doesn’t win tackles, rarely wins headers and he’s becoming Peter pointer! He needs to be dropped from squad! Let Kamara play his role and have Any of Aribo, Hagi, Lundstrum, Bacuna as your AMs! Davis has been brilliant for us but he’s looking done to me!
  15. Apart from a loss of form for some players, the big issue is still the balance in midfield for me and our over reliance on Davis. He’s the senior player in the middle and everything we do goes thru him, and sadly he slows our game down too much, takes too many touches and is too fond of the square pass to the full backs. Which in turn means we predictably attack mostly from the fullbacks and crossing into a packed box. Give Davis his due, I thought he was very good in 2nd half last night. But in most games he doesn’t play thru the lines as much as he should and I think he’s just too cautious for that now. Perhaps an age thing. Put Jack and Kamara along side him and we have a defensive 3 rather than an offensive 3. Not even sure now what position Lundstrum is supposed to occupy or Bacuna! Who are they meant to be replacing? I had high hopes for maybe 2 or 3 big replacements in midfield this year which would take us up a level. We need energy and a dynamic approach in there. Just not seeing it at moment. Davis has been great for us but really feel we need to start phasing him out, Until Bacuna yesterday, we really haven’t spent any money on midfield at all.
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