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  1. Looking forward to Lennon getting on the miniatures all the way to Dubai and fighting his own team! These tears are delicious!
  2. What a relief that was, absolutely fucking brilliant to get the 3 points!
  3. I won’t be getting any work done today, got about 40 pages on here to read through and laugh at the beggars all afternoon!
  4. Yeah had a feeling that might be the case
  5. Got a message from a mate in Holland, seems the unwashed have been trying to spread the story around Feyenoord fan pages etc. Worrying thing is they’re outing another guy to that Tommy McDougall so I’m not sure where it’s taken from or who it actually was but not ideal if a potential innocent person might be getting dragged in to it.
  6. Does it have Forrest on the back?
  7. I tend to get up for around £25 return if we get the decent priced tickets.
  8. I live not too far from the Brindley Arms, popped in to watch the last Old Firm game there. Wheatsheaf in Stockport also shows all the Rangers games, or used to anyway. Not been a while.
  9. I get the train up to each home game, if you book it in advance it's always cheap and easy enough there and back. Best going down that route cause even any buses that pass by the Manchester area you need to certain motorway services etc to jump on so added hassle.
  10. Is the Louden a bit easier to get into closer to the game on a Wednesday evening or likely to be rammed?
  11. Not sure what he meant by it but I definitely don't think that's one of Senderos's strong points
  12. I don't think he deserved a yellow and I definitely wouldn't say he's calm as he's not as comfortable with the ball at his feet and passing it around as others but he did offer a bit more physicality at the back which was refreshing to see and in general I thought he had a good game
  13. Hope they enjoy their night and give the bheasts a doing! I've never been bothered with either of the Manchester teams but will certainly be supporting City tonight.
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