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  1. They’re an embarrassment as a fan base. One of my proudest moments as a Rangers fan was standing on the platform at Preston station on a Saturday morning looking around seeing Rangers fans everywhere from the North West waiting on a train full of Rangers fans from London, the South and the Midlands all travelling up to watch a Scottish 3rd Division game! They’ll never match that and their self entitlement will never understand it! Time for the bastards to move aside cause the journeys nearly complete!
  2. Sounds like we’re all in the same boat here with the loading screen
  3. Looking forward to Lennon getting on the miniatures all the way to Dubai and fighting his own team! These tears are delicious!
  4. What a relief that was, absolutely fucking brilliant to get the 3 points!
  5. I won’t be getting any work done today, got about 40 pages on here to read through and laugh at the beggars all afternoon!
  6. There’s the Palatine in Salford or the Brindley Arms in Walkden. Not sure which bar the Stockport lads use now, they used to get the Stoke bus up but now most just get the train. I watched one of our Euro games last season in the Directors Box l
  7. Yeah had a feeling that might be the case
  8. Got a message from a mate in Holland, seems the unwashed have been trying to spread the story around Feyenoord fan pages etc. Worrying thing is they’re outing another guy to that Tommy McDougall so I’m not sure where it’s taken from or who it actually was but not ideal if a potential innocent person might be getting dragged in to it.
  9. Just got through to the airport bar, fair few bears around already!
  10. I’m getting a lift to the airport in the morning. Think Eurowings goes from terminal 2, FlyBe and Ryanair terminal 3
  11. Ah well, bar opens at 4 anyway! FlyBe is the 06:45
  12. Brilliant, will probably see yous in the bar then!
  13. Thursday morning 06:45 Manchester to Düsseldorf then Glaswegian Loyal bus to Luxembourg
  14. I’ve not had any emails plus the original link won’t seem to work
  15. Hopefully, not even sure how much we’ve been allocated. The neutral part sounds a decent back up option though if all else fails
  16. Might have to do the same, only just signed up to the travel club so got 0 points. Just had an email from the club saying those with 1+ can purchase tickets now
  17. Does it have Forrest on the back?
  18. Leipzig and Preussen Munster in Germany, FC Emmen in Holland. Bristol City probably the furthest UK one for me.
  19. He would have been around 10 years old when we had that European Campaign of 92/93 so I’m sure he would have been taking notice
  20. I was hoping for a bar but a live stream on Facebook while out for a meal will have to do
  21. Struggling to get the game today, away on honeymoon and any sports bar I’ve seen seems to cater more for Australian sport with a little EPL thrown in as well. I’ll keep trying though
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