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  1. There was another one with Walter in a tweed suit if I remember right, sitting in the stands with chick young and basically giving him one or two word answers, if at all lol fuck if I can find it
  2. think I say for majority on here - Who gives a flying fuck
  3. right going to go back about 15 pages to see how much shit folk talk (and go off on one) - for what its worth 1. players (if what is being reported is in any way accurate) are daft wee boys 2. SG wll be raging and disappointed in equal measures (I mean Stevie G by the way lol)
  4. might read through it now lol
  5. not reading though 77 pages mate - give me a wee summary of above eh
  6. no as they could reach the same as us then if we totally blew up and lost all 5 games after the split and they won every other game then it would come down to goal difference and .......fuck it we've already won it lol
  7. win our next 3 then beat them its done no matter what they do.
  8. His head would say no, his heart yes so just depends, but I would say he would go
  9. I remember when I could leave the front door open........
  10. both bang on - and that's the problem
  11. Here's a question - how the fuck are they expected to raise £20 million for Dave King if they need thousands of additional support to raise £2m. Pie in the sky stuff. And another thing - surely our shares are worth a lot more than 20p now
  12. this - can end thread now
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