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  1. We will be the only team to do 5 though.
  2. They change all the time but The Billy Boys and No Pope of Rome probably. Right now at games and going it's Every Saturday we follow, When I was young and UDA all the way.
  3. I've given both these posters positive feedback for buying and selling. Pretty sure it was returned. @southdown 1916 @ianb1547 And @cameron1873 have always been reliable aswell.
  4. This 1 is a good effort from them.
  5. Something needs done. This part of the site can be really useful if moderated properly. From time to time (big games) it gets cluttered. Although most will be genuine there is no quick way to tell apart the time wasters. It can be off putting to post when you see reliable guys posting looking for tickets and not having any luck. As an example I'm looking for a few for Motherwell. I'm sorted myself its for mates but there's a poster that I would consider reliable having dealt with him a few times that really seems to be struggling for this. Me posting a new topic asking for 2 or 3 tickets is only going to clutter the site and potentially make a decent guy miss out. A few suggestions would be to split the forum into 2 sections. Have pinned topics like the confirmed transfers that an admin pins and keeps closed with the names of reliable posters in it. I understand it could be difficult keeping on top of but its only a suggestion and it may help.
  6. Was in the highlander for a friendly in 2008, I think it was v schalke. The place was bouncing and a few boys had flutes out. So I would try there for the game.
  7. Honk Kong soccer 7s, there will be a squad from the u20s in the main tournament and a few old players in the masters under the name of citi.
  8. I Don't do Twitter mate. Get what u mean tho.
  9. I might take them for my mate, il find out as soon as.
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