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  1. My dads cousin George Wilson would have been 62 years old this year. My dad tells me he wasn't even into football that much and had been to see the Morton at Cappielow a few times. My dad also says that George was very timid and when the accident happened he would have just curled up into a ball. When they identified George he only had a small mark above his eye and looked like he was sleeping. Along with the other 65 souls who went to a game of football and never came home he will be never forgotten.
  2. Alright folks. Looking for a bit of info. Renewing the ticket this week and usually pay it in full but funds are short so looking for the 4 month option. Looked online but can't find any option apart from put card details in and pay it. Can someone tell me where you find the 4 month option. Cheers for the help.
  3. Apart from the semi final last yr we have been rotten since about February. Teams found a way of playing against us and we didn't change. His 433 just doesn't work and he's so stubborn he won't change it. When we need a goal stick another striker on and go 442. It doesn't work at least we tried something different. His interviews could just be a tape recording every week because he says the same things. We need to go on a run of games winning and I don't think him or the team have the balls for that. What depresses me most is that I think we r miles behind them, and they aren't very good
  4. I don't think this team has the balls to put a run of games together, just cant c us going to the piggery, sheep land or Edinburgh and winning.
  5. Is this how far we have fallen that people r happy when we get mauled 1-0 off them. These r the same people that tell me top 6 this season is acceptable.
  6. I blame the manager. How he lasted 77 mins is a fucking joke. Should have been dropped weeks ago.
  7. Don't know if waggy is up to it at this level. Mckay should have been dropped weeks ago. A winger who doesnt take anyone on and his crossing is shocking. Needs time out the team and made to work to get back in. Both wouldn't b in my team against that lot. Haliday Holt and windass with Kenny, Garner and Dadoo up top. That would be me next week.
  8. Been rotten for months. His corners r fecking horrendous. Needs dropped but seems to be undroppable.
  9. Reminding me of 94. Won the league early, hardly won a game till the cup final. Going for back to back trebles and lost the final to scumdee utd
  10. My dad's cousin George Wilson was 16 years old when he went to the game. Sadly George and 65 other members of the Rangers family never came home. I was born 6 mths after the disaster so never got a chance to meet him. My dad told me that George was a timid boy and instead of fighting for his life he would have just curled up into a ball. When they went to c George's body he had a little bruise above his eye, that was all. It looked like he was sleeping. To George and the other 65. Gone but never ever forgotten.
  11. Over the moon its W and W. Does anyone think wee McCall might have a role. Maybe first team coach like he has with Scotland.
  12. No idea why m8. Just a feeling I have. As I said hope I'm totally wrong.
  13. I think it will be McCall and be announced after he's finished with his Scotland duties this weekend. Hope I'm totally wrong as it's not what I want.
  14. Yeah finished 2nd and won a league cup. Wright finished in the top 4 and won the Scottish Cup and Hughes finished 3rd and won the Scottish Cup so why they not mentioned. Sadly I think we will be stuck with McCall.
  15. I don't get the Derek McInnes thing. What's he done. He's done the same job as Tommy Wright at St Johnstone or Hughes at Inverness. He's only mentioned due to the fact he played for us. Let's get away from that.
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