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  1. Sounds like the Vatican high council that line up
  2. Young Nathan was superb tonight
  3. It’s a great time to be a Rangers fan but to be honest it’s always a great time to be a Rangers fan, we stick with the team no matter what, that’s what we do , no sharks harmed by this support
  4. When the guy headers that I thought it was in , but what a remarkable save, shagger deserves a drink , lol
  5. That’s what Steven Gerrard was talking about , three officials getting the decision wrong
  6. Beaton is just one terrible referee, shouldn’t be anywhere near the top league, I can never forget his performance at Ibrox vs Hibs. Ridiculously bad
  7. Wish we had more like him in the side, if we did there’s no way we would have dropped points today
  8. What’s happened to Tav ? He was brilliant early season , scoring goals for fun, lots of assists and now looks like a shadow of the player, Barasic isn’t performing at the same level either but seems to be a reason our levels have dropped
  9. The team need us back in the stands, with our “Encouragement “. They would have scored more tonight , I’m disappointed with our performance, lots of room for improvement
  10. I always feel that Jack and Kamara playing in the same starting 11 leaves us looking like we’re a man short
  11. I think the Morelos deal is already done and he will go this week , we’ve already spent some off the transfer fee, could be wrong but I think it’s done
  12. I still can’t believe how bad that performance was yesterday , if it was a one off you dust yourself down and get on with it, but this has become the standard performance since the winter break The difference between Europa league and domestic is massive , we looked utterly disorganised and disinterested yesterday, not a single pass mark in that team , something very wrong within the club
  13. This performance was no surprise, I sat through our games against Stranraer and St mirren and they were two very poor performances by our recent standards, then you factor in a Hearts team fighting for survival who were always going to offer more as they always raise their game against us, and we were found to be woefully short in every department, our bench was pretty weak which shows we haven’t a strong enough squad when injuries and suspensions happen , so I’m really surprised to hear the manager saying we won’t be bringing anyone in, if we don’t , I can’t see us achieving 55 this season .
  14. That was a great tribute to young Ayden tonight , gave me goosebumps, well done everyone , God bless his family at this difficult time
  15. Absolutely no need to take a single payment for all three games , there’s plenty time between the fixtures , fans taken for granted , ahh well beans and toast for the foreseeable
  16. I agree, this needs addressed or we will struggle
  17. Your clearly missing the point, read my initial comment, that TYPE of performance cost us last season, my opinion , to which I’m entitled, you don’t have to agree
  18. Is this thick night or something, draws remember last season? Too many of them , that type of performance, I give up
  19. Don’t be silly, how many points did we throw away last season against teams we should have beaten, way too many draws, here we are again . It cost us the league
  20. Based on much more than 12 mins, he was poor last week as well,
  21. That type of performance is why we didn’t win the league last season
  22. Looks like he’s lost his fight, obviously been told to calm it on the pitch but dosent look the same player
  23. I think we’re a far better team when Arfield plays, certainly causes problems for any defence
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