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  1. I still can’t believe how bad that performance was  yesterday  , if it was a one off you dust yourself down and get on with it, but this has become the standard performance since the winter break

    The difference between  Europa league and domestic is massive , we looked utterly disorganised and disinterested yesterday, not a single pass mark in that team , something very wrong within the club 

  2. This performance was no surprise, I sat through our games against  Stranraer and St mirren and they were two very poor performances by our recent standards, then you factor in a Hearts team fighting for survival who were always going to offer more as they always raise their game against us,  and we were found to be woefully short in every department, our bench was pretty weak which shows we haven’t a strong enough squad when injuries and suspensions happen , so I’m really surprised to hear the manager saying we won’t be bringing anyone in, if we don’t , I can’t see us achieving 55 this season . 

  3. 16 hours ago, BlueThunder said:

    You seem to have completely missed the point. There were no points available tonight. We didn’t have to force it. We didn’t lose anything by drawing.

    I’ll spell it out in ‘thicko’ -

    Last season: Need. To. Win. Points.

    Tonight:  Need. Not. To. Lose. Goals.

    Not. The. Same.

    Your clearly missing the point, read my initial comment, that TYPE of performance cost us last season, my opinion , to which I’m entitled, you don’t have to agree 

  4. Just now, bluenoz said:

    He played 12 minutes ffs. Don't make up stuff. And if we were ever going to score it was in the last ten minutes. He should have scored however.

    Based on much more than 12 mins, he was poor last week as well, 

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