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  1. The media are using a Rangers product essentially to sell. So they want a product (the game and interviews) to sell and get advertising but want to gain this material/product for nothing. Its a lesser version of a media outlet showing the game without paying for it and charging punters £5 to watch. i would say that is pretty much exactly what my post implied.
  2. Keevens is essentially saying that the supermarket shouldn’t have to pay the farmer for the steaks. It’s the exact same logic
  3. “We are firmly committed to ensuring openness and transparency in relation to this issue and agree on the uninterrupted ethical obligation of clubs over time, irrespective of changes” I just think that line is brilliant
  4. I swear I can hear flutes in the background just at the Liverpool question. Gerrard looks to his right and gives a smile
  5. That’s a few minutes of my life I won’t get back. However, only one board have came out and blamed recent events on fans of other teams “infiltrating” and causing the bother...
  6. I can’t understand how promoting inclusion of everyone can possibly be a bad thing.
  7. Tav assisting a lot of them but aye both of them should be sold...🙄
  8. I bet I get my third set of CCCS killie away tickets of the year from this tie
  9. Why you against Ejaria and Middleton? I think Ejaria is a good shout for a bit of creativity against a side we should be looking to put away, and Middleton seems to be performing okay. Don’t think Kent is back is he?
  10. Italics don’t work for big signs, everyone around me debating if it said Glasgow or super. Still enjoyed it right enough
  11. I agree with him not counting Aberdeen as a bump in the road. We were done there! Have to keep a positive mentality. Learn and move on
  12. I streamed it through my phone before mate (iPhone)
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