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  1. Doing that now. Cheers for the heads up!
  2. I see you have three... Nah just joking. I was slow off the mark. I know Scott Meenagh who is now the ambassador at Erskine so if anyone could get me one it's him!
  3. I can't understand either...
  4. He’s actually ok with it and saw the funny side. It was at the final whistle
  5. He didn’t know this being taken either haha. It was not a staged photo!
  6. He is the front of the board’s action. It’s not always what you’ve got but the way you present what you’ve got hence the term ‘spin doctor.’
  7. I think you’re being harsh, there has been a clear change here, that’s down to one person which is what he’s paid to do. Credit where credit is due. It is a team effort, he won’t get anything out until the Board have cleared it but it’s obvious there’s been a change in approach. He should be part of the Board now anyway. Any PR person should be. Look at any successful political leader and they always have their PR person by their side: Boris Johnston with Cummings, Tony Blair with Campbell etc.
  8. Rfc52 - I think you’re being a bit obtuse here. The Club was given or obtained the evidence. They’ll have gone to him with the evidence and he’ll have created a plan around it of what to do/say. I’m not just talking specifically about ‘ the evidence’, since this all kicked off it’s been a very different approach which is pretty obvious to me in the way it’s been written etc.
  9. No chance. I work in PR - you give them the idea, make them think it’s their idea, then you publish the idea.
  10. Where I’ve recommended is just as close and is easier to get away from at the end. Shopping centre can be a bottleneck at times.
  11. I know! It’s been a nightmare. I’m now going the back roads. Amey had a cheek saying that delays would be ‘less than 5 minutes’ when advertising the road works only for them to say when challenged that that was for off-peak traffic. Absolute joke!
  12. Oh yeah, I forgot I told him to tell you! You’ll still be fine as there are loads of spaces. Offices there are all closed about 5pm.
  13. Didn’t know it was your parking spot too! I work near there now.
  14. I commute to and work in Livingston so was just to let bears know for the game that there are major roadworks at Junction 4 Whitburn, east and west bound of the M8. There’s the possibility there will be delays with bears commuting east added to rush hour traffic. Just a heads up that if queues are bad eastbound I would recommend to go off at Junction 5 Shotts and along the B7066 then the B7069 then the A705. This is a pretty straight and clear road and runs parallel to the M8 straight to Livingston. On the way back westbound follow these roads back in reverse order. For parking for the stadium follow postcode to EH54 6AX (Quarrywood Court). It’s a 5 min walk from the stadium and quick for getting away at the end.
  15. ASA Scotland are looking for volunteers for a charity collection at the game tomorrow from 6pm until approx 8pm. Email info@asascotland.org.uk for further information.
  16. @JCDBigBear went to various meetings about this years ago organised by Jim Hannah and Sandy Jardine but the change of Board to the one we have now lacked any appetite for it.
  17. “The Club had already informed UEFA that we would be declining tickets for Rangers next away European tie, which will be in Switzerland against BSC Young Boys Thursday, October 3, and this decision would have had a significant bearing on the governing body’s deliberations.” I did say the Club’s move the other day declining the away tickets was a good one but some doubted.
  18. I’m their biggest critic when it comes to their PR, you all know that, and I am by no means their biggest fan but I do think speaking specifically about refusing away tickets to the next European game is wise in advance of what Uefa will come out with and may save us some face. This is regardless of whether people think we should or shouldn’t be punished which is a separate issue. Punishment from Uefa is imminent and any PR agency will tell you to try to take back some control of the situation which is what they’ve done.
  19. Good move by the Club to try to preempt any forthcoming punishment from UEFA. Shows them and the Scottish authorities we are taking it seriously and being proactive in attempting to address the problem.
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