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  1. Work with a fenian the self entitlement from these cunts are unreal put these cunts to the sword Rangers, a Morelos goal hurt them even more would be great
  2. Get 2 decent wingers would help a fair bit would stop them committing so many players forward also creativity of any sort is progress for us
  3. Lemar saying he prefers to go to Liverpool might help too
  4. Googled Ross Barkley to see if there was any news and BBC sport plus a few papers are saying bid from Chelsea rjejected 25m
  5. Still not coming up mate got it £20 cheers
  6. I'm in the same boat as you for me all he does is stand offside which okay he's trying to play on the shoulder but he seems incapable of doing it, although like you said early days
  7. Antoine sibierski on a free transfer for rangers must of been fm2010 roughly over 40 assists in one season
  8. Looking at getting hospitality tickets for my birthday for the Aberdeen game,anyone been to the hospitality packages before? What all does it envolve?
  9. Duncn

    Old firm

    Going to hearts game this weekend then away with work on the 24th all going well and home in time I'll get to thistle aswell then hopefully old firm if I can get a ticket cheers though ?
  10. Duncn

    Old firm

    Cheers for all the useful ? Info on who to pm guys ??
  11. Duncn

    Old firm

    So I know it's a while away yet but anyone got any clues how I'd best manage to get x2 tickets?
  12. We all dream of a team of EBT's number one is ebt number two is ebt.....and so on
  13. Where's best to park? First time I've drove down in years
  14. Anyone know what time we'd need to be at the door? Going to try get a few signatures for the wee lad
  15. I was on iPhone didn't work second I used laptop no issues
  16. Sorted pal going to guess your using a iPhone too?
  17. Mine lets me in then clicking on home games and nothing there am I doing something wrong?
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