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  1. Plus Duffy on Kent should have been upgraded to a red too
  2. To be fair, he didnt get booked and never gave away any daft fouls either! Big improvement from the Zungmeister
  3. Another selfless display. Great team player.
  4. Unreal, especially on that pitch
  5. Unfortunately for the tarrier pricks we have plenty more strikers to come in this season. Eff them and their wee witch-hunt against the young black guy.
  6. Class call, pissing myself at wee shug telling that dunderheid how it is
  7. Not a fuckin chance that was happening
  8. I remember bumping into Pedro the day before his first old firm game. I looked him right in the eye, firmly shook his hand and told him to make sure 'we got right intae that mob tomorrow'. Was quite happy myself thinking my motivational phrase would carry into the dressing room the next day and energise Pedro and the team. Unfortunately we got gubbed and went out with a whimper. Strange wee guy, remember his 'win or win' phrase? Very next game we lost to motherwell. All the players were using it as a hastag! So, as others have said, we really deserve this and i will savour
  9. A guy we spent £7M on should not be running the ball out of play (more than 1 occasion today). It got so bad today that i wanted Barker on! When hes playing well he is explosive and dangerous and on his day one of the best players in the league. Issue is 1 good game/half and several games offering next to nothing. Ideally we would have someone bursting to get in the team to add some competition there. I would rest him for next game and start with Buff, Itten and Hagi up top.
  10. If Zungu was any good he would be playing and Aribo would be on the bench. Unfortunately with Arfield and Jack out we are playing big Joe through necessity
  11. I feel my eyes well up when i see previous title wins on tv/dvd. I will be like a big lassie when it finally happens
  12. Im desperate to see guys like Buff, Borna etc that may not be here next season and thank them for all their good work!! Hopefully we will get back in May to see the players but if not we need to show them that we love them💙 they fuckin deserve that at least
  13. I aint no Mariah, but fuck me the singing is terrible. Lyrics a bit better though.
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