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  1. Big Donkey from what i remember (which wasnt too much to be fair!). Could be doing him a great dis-service. Something in my memory about him going between us and Hearts a few times , and mostly everyone wondering why we brought him back?
  2. Re: guard of honour at piggery - 'wheres my fucking clap?, where's my encore?'
  3. I was going to bump it for the golf but the boy wanted to see it till the end!! Last 5 mins was decent - slow burner 😀😀
  4. Probably 40 mins - doesnt get any better 🤣🤣
  5. Tim i know says hes getting 25% off next season, but i dont think it will be across the board. His ticket includes a programme, pie and pint and its this element they are rebating so wouldn't expect this discount for all. Dont like mentioning them but for us i am happy to pay full whack again, this season has been marvellous and well worth the money!!
  6. Maybe usual spin from the East end. But to be fair, Hagi is young and a key player in easily the best team in the Country. Our guys valuations should exceed any other teams in the League by some distance.
  7. Haud on a minute. Did c*ltic not get £9M for wee ping pong?
  8. Tie was long since over by then. I agree that they frustrated the hell out of us with the diving and other shit they got up to. They are a decent team and don't need to do it, but its in their nature.
  9. Sorry just read your post and had said pretty much the same thing 😂😂
  10. I dont think so, i guess it depends what age you are? Aberdeen probably passed up the best chance there when we were out of top league. Imagine if they had showed some ambition and tried to be top dogs rather than celtics wee bitch. With Delia at the helm, had they invested heavily and really went for it it may have been possible. I seriously doubt they will have a better chance.
  11. Technically Yes, but could also be construed as first ever.....playing to their readership.
  12. Is Gerrard the chief constable of police? Ffs, have you ever heard such nonsense!!
  13. I bumped it when they said they were about to play swinneys pish from earlier
  14. Got the Champers on ice, booked Monday as a holiday. Just need a few results to go our way👊🇬🇧👊
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