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  1. Lol. I'll be there too mate (unvaxxed) along with plenty others. Not giving up that easily 😎😎
  2. Its not mate. Most of the pro vaxxers and passport advocates dont to the football, pubs and clubs etc anyway
  3. Its your choice mate and it should be respected. Getting board with this now. The vax doesnt prevent someone from being infected and passing to others. A piece of paper or an app will do nothing to reduce case numbers on that basis. This method in demanding vax ports is coercive and verging on the downright sinister. Jagging kids now ffs! Time we called a halt to this farce.
  4. Guy a couple in front of me yesterday was struggling to scan a code from his phone. After only about 60 secs people were getting restless, i think due to flag day. Imagine getting close to kick off with massive queues and any kind of hold ups with things not scanning etc It will be effing bedlam - i cant see it working unless its a quick visual and only checking 1 in 100 or so
  5. The midfield frustrates the hell out of me. Hardly any goals or assists and reticence to even shoot. Need more goals from this area imo, cant rely on the forwards every week!
  6. The ID thing was the other blokes idea, not mine. Anyways if someone doesn't want a vax is it any skin off your nose? It's their body and their own risk. The argument may be different if vaxxed people didnt/couldnt spread it too.
  7. Why not a go the whole hog and force the unvavcinated to wear a yellow star like the nazis did to the jews? Pretty sure you're at the wind up though🤪
  8. You can still get it and spread it if you're double jabbed though mate. With this in mind the only way of reducing threat is having a negative test before entry.
  9. I love wee Davo. He was running about like a man possessed in the last few minutes. He was doing everything in his power to keep us ahead. Great example to the others👍
  10. I've never heard a figure mentioned for any of these sponsors. Would be good to know what they're worth to the Club.
  11. Fairly racking them up now. Does anyone know how much these sponsors pay?
  12. You cant tell fit healthy young guys to have a vaccination due to current rule on isolation. The rule is silly anyways as vaxxed people can still be infected and transmit virus.I🤷‍♂️
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