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  1. I can barely see it, im looking through the nostrils!😂😂😂
  2. I'm absolutely delighted with what's happened in the past week or so, but if they win their game in hand, its only 3 points! Rightly said we just focus on winning each of our games. If we keep winning then we will see how they handle that pressure?
  3. Waggy Davo Durranty Buff Coops JD JJ Oz Butch Coisty Fergie Greegsey Jacko Boogie Nizzy Thommo
  4. Ally - the judge due to time spent on the bench Great Dane - Laudrup The goalie- Goram
  5. Big Peter was the girvan lighthouse Sadie was dave mcpherson as far as i remember anyways!
  6. Mind my Granda talking about the wee blue devil (Alan Morton) and the iron curtain. Kinda wish now id asked him more about it at the time but i was only a young boy at the time!
  7. Humpy gocart - Alex Miller My Dad told me that one!!
  8. Acting all hard. Pretty sure we had to kick the Germans out of their country for them? Pretty ungrateful if you ask me 😂😂
  9. Exactly, apart from adding to the fixture congestion with no gate receipts its utterly pointless. Only good thing is we might have a chance to create a bigger gap whilst the tarriers are doing their flat track bully thing in the cup.
  10. Worried about not finishing the season? Yet playing last seasons Scottish Cup - clueless!
  11. Probably Christie, Edward and possibly Ajer. Wouldn't say they would be 1st picks though but would get a fair few games for us. Imo McGregor is vastly over-rated. Kamara much younger and could play in a better league. Dont fancy any of the others.
  12. Love it 💙💙 Gets the blood coarsing through the veins. I hope we do those scumbags tomorrow!! Bring it on!!
  13. Last Scotland game i was at i took my Mrs (just started going out with her back then!) It was a friendly vs Australia. I think Ally scored for us, was around the bse, mad cows disease time. I remember the wee notice at the pie stall 'our pies contain no beef!! Never been since, and will never be back....effing tartan trannies
  14. Been watching Cobra Kai. For anyone that doesnt know its Karate Kid 30 years on!! Easy watch but quite enjoying the series and the wee flashbacks to the movie back in the day. Can't beat a wee bit of nostalgia.
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