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  1. Getting too technical for me with all that @ and hashtag stuff I'm afraid😂
  2. 😂Just a technophobe, this is my only social media vice.
  3. Thing he is going to become similar to Neil McCann, doesnt look as though he will ever let you down .
  4. £30 quid on Alkmaar at 3/1 William Hill. That lot are coming down with a bump tonight.
  5. The crowd has been fantastic, seems like this is back firing big style on all the scottish media.
  6. The wee Japanese guy was just bouncing aff everything, he should stick to Tashekis Castle
  7. Cheers for that, that's been the best drive home from work in a long time😁
  8. As Dickie said ,spot on , a real unsung hero, a centre half who was shoe horned into right back, but never let us down.a lighter version of Bomber if that makes sense.Always thought he was underestimated.
  9. Keevins getting owned by the presenter just now regarding him playing gir Scotland
  10. I've went the opposite, fiver on the draw and fiver on Utd win. Cannae lose🤣
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