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  1. Exactly what I was about to post
  2. To think that he may miss the chance to win 55 at their dump whilst stopping Terry Munroe must be torturing him , all because he wanted to be Billy Bigbaws.
  3. 🤣🤣Who all turned it upside down
  4. William Hill still has it on Hibs 13/2 Doubled up with Livi on Saturday a fiver pays £300. 😉
  5. Fancied him for a double on the 2nd
  6. Thought that's what I heard, they are a different breed.
  7. No 1 in their tunes chart...fuckin brilliant
  8. And surely it will be on all news channels, this is going to bite them on the arse big time.
  9. Sutton has totally lost it , priceless hahahahaha
  10. I know , I know. Fecked it, I will learn
  11. That lot are dropping points today. I'm certain of it
  12. I'm confident that they will drop points at Ross County in a couple of weeks. If we can get a couple of comfortable wins with a few goals in the next two games, the heat will really be on him and his priceless comments and reactions will certainly go up another few notches.
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