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  1. Confirmed on their twitter feed.
  2. The OP has just give a run down of all the locked rumours in doing so he has reopened them.So its you who are starting them.
  3. Terrible news,RIP Manticore.
  4. God bless Sandy and may he help your family through this terrible time.
  5. I think the fixer is a foul-mouthed motherfucking,chickenshit,fucking fucker.
  6. After reading a lot of bawsbursts posts i have noticed they are nothing more than media based cut and paste jobs.I have realised that he is nothing more than a shit stirring wankbox.
  7. When working for the Record he called us a dead club.Jim Traynor like Jack Irvine was a journalist,AKA,a self seving arsehole.
  8. I smoked for 40 years,tried the e-cigs 5 months ago and have'nt had a cigarette since.I'd recommend them to anyone.Plus it's extra money for me and the club.Its good to see that people are actively seeking sponsorship.
  9. But if there is a second share issue who is going to invest when the powerbrokers dont seem to know what is best for the club.Too many of them seem to be in it to line their pockets.
  10. I read all newspapers and not the barbers.Wink Wink.If you do not want to be offended by these so called journalists do not read their paper or links.
  11. Hello, first post.Rather than imagining what is or what will happen should we not just wait for the official accounts to come out.I know it will be another month but then things will be clearer and they may hopefully stop the fan bickering.
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