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  1. Fucking love morelos man. Great😂 What a boy he is. Hope he never leaves.
  2. I'll tell you what, Glen Kamara has got some fucking balls with that statement. To come out and say exactly what was said to him instead of some wishy washy 'he said something racist which I dare not repeat' bollocks. Proud as fuck of the wee man. It's obvious to anyone with even half a brain that something seriously wrong was said to him last night. His and Zungu's immediate reaction, Goldson going off on one when he heard, the reaction from Sima and Deli and the lies and deceit from Slavia post match show exactly what happened. Over to you UEFA, although I'm about 99% sure they will do fuck
  3. Poor result at the end of the day but cant complain about the 2 reds imho. Still fucking brilliant that we got this far before losing a game
  4. Thought their rb Bah was decent. Got the better of Borna in attack and was wise to Kent's trickery. Looked like a player imo
  5. I'll take that. Still unbeaten in Europe. Shagger man. What can you say?!? Outstanding goalkeeping
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