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  1. TV for me, used to love trips to Pittodrie but wouldn't give another SPL club my money, those travelling without tickets are brave.
  2. Shite journalism, games Sunday lunchtime not tomorrow afternoon.
  3. My thinking exactly, what experience does he have apart from bar tending....
  4. I thought that was Houstons gig ?
  5. Well said mate, fucking joke that people are slating him already, this season has been a write off for months and he can only piss with the cock he's got, wait until he assembles his own team until then i wish people would reserve judgement. Mourinho or SAF couldn't do fuck all with this shower of shite.
  6. You just canny help yourself, it's as if you want us to get beat, you said the same about Dundee and Inverness and you were right ya Bastard.
  7. Fod and Garner. I like Hill but he's not what we need for next season, maybe offer him a years contract as back up. The rest i'm not bothered about.
  8. I don't find this true at all but a massive clear out is needed in the Summer regardless.
  9. He's a free agent these days, doesn't have a club.
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