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  1. Just wondered about something I heard recently about the big clubs down south actually offering us there young players for next season. Now taking into account the fact that we can offer them the chance to play in front of massive crowds, a great style of football and games against the tarriers and also looking as if we will be in Europe next year what level of player would you think would be acceptable for next season from these clubs not taking a shot at zelalem I think he's definitely got talent but if we take a player on loan from one of these clubs they have to be more effective and even better than what we have so what players do you think it would be likely these clubs are offering us ??
  2. After watching that great performance it got me thinking about how Warburton said he will defiantly use the loan market I really don't see many potions we really need for loan players to come in and compete for other than maybe wingers were a little weak in that postion but other than that were starting to look like the real deal buzzing for this season
  3. A coach from rangers sometimes helps train my little brother football team and he said its a done deal it's Warburton and he will be confirmed next week
  4. Wants to get a look at tevez one last time before putting in a bid ?
  5. It would be cheaper to look at the Dutch or Scandinavian market than the English championship I'm afraid there wages alone would cripple us if we look towards England our best hopes are loans or English league 1 players
  6. Yeah I think it would work best once where top of our game again and can offer young foreign talents aswell as homegrown Scottish ones a stepping stone to the English prem
  7. Yeah but a scouting network in Scandinavian country's like Denmark and Sweden definitely something that's worth looking into
  8. I was impressed with porto this year in the champions league and when you take into consideration that most of the players in there first team came through there youth set up that just makes it even more impressive but I was thinking how much money would it cost for us to have a similar system set up of course not on the exact same level that would take years and a shit ton of money to be on par with but just a thought guys
  9. I don't think it would affect our own youths chances if anything it could help them in the long run as they would realise where not looking to buy money grabbers on the wrong side of 30 we should be trying to develop a younger fast paced football playing attacking team
  10. Maybe so but still it's worth a try if you don't ask you don't get there are players there for us I believe
  11. I'm not so sure there's plenty of players down there that like vuckic have been frozen out that could do us a turn I think it's a wise place to look and a better market than the Scottish leagues
  12. Just watching Chelsea uefa youth league and it got me thinking is there a market for us to tap into here there's some good players in that team but let's face it at Chelsea the chances of the majority of these players ever making it to the first team are miniscule so what do you think should we be looking into English premiership reserve teams for possible targets ?
  13. theres some amount of young talent in the pourtragues league that we should look at and they could all have good sell on value but we will just end up going do one of our feeder teams eg hearts
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