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  1. He took it for granted playing for rangers. He needs to realise there are many faithful people out there that would love to pull on the jersey and play for Rangers. Look at the guys that had to leave Rangers and would love to come back. Likes of Vlad Weiss, Novo etc. Cole is just a young wee fanny. He should look at the likes of MacLeod, McKay, Crawford etc and take a note out their books on how to conduct themselves.
  2. Was disgusted couple weeks ago when Angie, Gadgers daughter said he never showed for it. The wee dick got what he deserved. bad enough not showing up for any reserves game. But for a game that is played in memory of a guy who was well thought of with the Rangers Family and is still missed sorely by many people was just disrespectful. He was a waste of space anyway!
  3. I just purchased it this year for the first time. I live in Florida. I did the package though where I can watch the games live. I watched the game against Albion Rovers live. My only issue with it is it kept buffering every few minutes or so. Other than that its great. There are a lot of things on it that you can watch. Even if you do the fiver one, you can still watch the games but not live. So its not too bad when you are overseas anyway and on a different time zone.
  4. I just joined last night. Yous can go and feck yourself if yous take away my abilities to start a new thread!!!!! DISCRIMINATION!!!! haha only kidding!
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