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  1. Superb man what my only worry is, is your weekly strike rate from the ones you pull from his advice, as I’m not on you’re level. will sign up on Friday though and see if I can turn a point profit. Probably £5 a point mate as I’m a shitebag bastard 😂
  2. You still using uncle Ernie as a guide towards a pick mate? If so a have threatened to take your advice up for about 5 years now but that could possibly be the straw that breaks the stallions back lol
  3. You never been fucked on the leg wae a keg as keg? or skelped on the eyebrow wae a chiwawow? ffs mate
  4. Aye am no doubting it’s good mate a just feel like we’ve won about 80% of them 😂
  5. It feels lower than I thought it was if I’m honest 😂
  6. Both teams to score daft I've went fuck knows why am talking like yoda btw
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