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  1. I’ve got it on good authority that a couldn’t give a fuck if it’s Eddie Howe or Eddie Murphy they got 😂 55 titles and still going strong
  2. I’ll probably just have a cup of tea and keep myself to myself
  3. Did that guy just say lawwel was paid 3.6million last year?
  4. “I’ve never been as disappointed in my life as I was after the cup final” 😂
  5. Wanting rid of mcgreggor now too glorious
  6. Ma pals dad calls it borrnapper too, will be to do with the ‘heed’ bit mate 24 hour ban coming your wae regardless mate
  7. You want banned mate? Cause I’m itching to dish out my first one
  8. Ross county is the guys most empowered thought on yerself spew mcskeevins
  9. What a fucking statement there by keevins btw null n void would be a civil war. what a fucking (true) statement
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