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  1. It was always ‘give the striker advantage’ now it’s went 360 and the defender has the advantage
  2. Any second now or taking risks a think I’ll go on
  3. No got a clue mate. No me anyway 😂
  4. Most open national I can remember trying to bet on. Tempted to fish around the 50s
  5. Wade v durrant, this is the bet of the year, over 3.5 180s at 10/11
  6. Genuinely don’t see how he fixes it mate, he’s playing like he’s in the 2nd round of the lakeside lol
  7. Id be more worried about Wright turning up 😂
  8. On paper that’s a winner man. Asp at 6/4 is brilliant odds
  9. Steg glewart will be scrolling Facebook by 7.30 lol
  10. What a game that was btw, best I’ve watched in a while. bayern will go through
  11. Mullers definitely got one of they Nigerian passports. he’s nearer to 50 than 31
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