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  1. A usually do mate but a had to put them in due to me saying a was taking all the favourites. forever on at ma workmate sticking 1/3 shot horses in his treb/acca
  2. That’s me no getting to sleep now, cheers
  3. Fucking daft pick the same as myself, had me sweating there 😂
  4. Nearly a belter the night, Juventus was a fucking daft choice they left it to the 93rd minute but a vowed to put all favs on in the champs league n stuck to it. Boy in work copied it n got 166 back too
  5. Start paying full price for things instead of being a tight fisted bastard
  6. More chance of us getting full stadiums at the end of the season than there is of leagues being cancelled now with the progress the vaccines are making.
  7. Surely ye don’t still get birthday money at 70 lol
  8. That’s unbelievable by wade man his nickname is apt as fucj after that performance, wasn’t in front once the whole match and kept chipping away machine like Betis not scoring bust ma other coupon for £109 😭 gambling’s for mugs
  9. A forgot there was no winter break oooooooooooooooosh yeaowwwww
  10. Diamond dan is dan Deacons second account btw. Wasn’t really meant to tell anyone but here we are
  11. A guy blaming the fans on why Lennon isn’t getting the team playing well when the stadiums are empty is probably the best whopper to date. 😂
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