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  1. Never seen someone want off the stage as much as Cullen 😂
  2. Just said that, he's hitting a 9 darter the night
  3. You get pelters at Rangers when not performing, and rightly so. Just some seem to escape criticism.
  4. Watched the highlights there, is there any other striker in the world presented with so many clean cut chances that absolutely fucks them? McGregor's flap was repulsive tae. Anyone blaming any other player than they 2 are mentalists
  5. If Morelos scored the sitter McGregor's mistake doesn't matter imo
  6. He's a very frustrating human being. One week a love the guy the next a want him punted.
  7. Just got in from a Saturday shift as they equalised, in a stinker noo, ciders no even tasting the same Whos to blame for us dropping points?
  8. Delete this thread and the poster admin.
  9. Not once was he being racist Obviously you think all asylum seekers are of colour or ethnicity Don't use that as a cop out 4; play within the rules don't use tactics that are beneath you bud 👍
  10. You're looking great Lucy never mind these morons Cheers Xx
  11. Why are you adding racism to this when, despite me not agreeing with most of what he says, race was not mentioned? You've tried to score a cheap point there bud, pretty poor from you tbh.
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