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  1. Reminds me of why a hate going to the strippers
  2. Gutting Need to cancel my Disney plus membership now.
  3. Aye there’s one out the now with daime bar bits in a dairymilk lol
  4. Dairymilk daime bars phenomenal btw
  5. The government are talking about stripping of travelling visas the lot mate, not sure why you’re using the word conjecture to gloss over what’s clearly pretty viable aims I.e new age fans, and as the tweet above and some reports say removal from champions league, domestic leagues, and possibly international competition are all mooted ideas.
  6. Going by the scenes on the news I wouldn’t be so sure. it’s got car crash written all over it man
  7. Actually got my hopes up a bit when they hit 5 😂 I’m blaming mvg solely, baldy bastard
  8. Only need 9 180s in the last game, cert imo
  9. And durrants hit about 4 180s the full week last game could have plenty tho
  10. Need 10 180s in the last 2 games for a bet up, that game there put me in with a great chance.
  11. They’re taking about chucking Chelsea city n Madrid out of the champions league, so wouldn’t be too sure mate.
  12. Don’t remember posting it so doesn’t count tbh
  13. Mind cunts saying ‘the bubble will burst’ speaking about money lol
  14. Heard Porto are about to bid 750 million for Aribo only a rumour at this stage
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