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  1. Free bet edit: a didn’t realise the free bet from Saturday had to be a 5fold, was going in to just stick it on a bet for us, so that’s why there’s short odd picks there 😂
  2. Don’t mind it when it’s over that way, only a 2 hour time difference compared to the 6 hours of the yanks, so it won’t be daft o’clock
  3. Is messi no agueros weans godfather and maradona the grandpa or something mental like that 😂
  4. A mind seeing badr hari kick his cunt in at kick boxing
  5. Don’t see why they don’t just let everycunt juice, would take sport to the next level.
  6. Always comes in runs mate, you’re on one so keep hitting it.
  7. A might be paranoid but that cunt sounds like he’s saying er a hun instead of how his partner is saying it right in erahon
  8. These short corners are honkin ”i swear when they took that short corner even the fake crowd noise groaned” 😂
  9. What did aguero do at the pen? Tell me he didn’t panenka it
  10. A think Kirk just likes to remind us every now n again he’s mental
  11. Mate a stuck 4 horses on in a rushed lucky 15 n canny remember them it’s been doing my nut in, pretty sure the 4 lost tho 😂
  12. Ended up getting a late goal for 140, cashing out the 140 n it got disallowed. Got the money out in time and it went in the bank 😂 Safe to say that’s my first and last visit to bet bull, they can keep the 4 tenner free bets 😂
  13. Giving the shout as not many of us will be on that site a assume
  14. Go on https://www.oddschecker.com/free-bets and check BetBulls free bet offer oot, I’ve just done it and it seems sound enough. Will let yous know in 45 mins if it’s proper legit, bet 20 get 4 x 10 free, the 20 can be bet in any amounts but I went 20 straight
  15. @Dan Deacon told me to say twitchard gough lol
  16. Cunt just said give me Jack Ross in 3 weeks rather than Howe in 7 weeks or something to the sort 😂😂
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