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  1. Mate stop digging a bigger hole, Sparkle is against the non binary movement. get to know your posters pal
  2. We’re not allowed to be called the invincibles now mate according to them so we’re going to call ourselves The Untouchables this season (bit of a movement happening towards this name)
  3. Wish a had mate hes a fuckin prick imo
  4. Think this bears been on it from Saturday
  5. Should call us The Untouchables they would know fuck all about that
  6. Had a no bad run since yesterday fucked that last coupon there a thought a had a btts on and William hill had mate a cunt of it offering 75 😂 mongo
  7. Quite open should be a few more goals, got to be a Man U win for me
  8. If arsenal don’t score and do me for 110 expect a chap at the door fuck yer cmilk honestly
  9. A started drinking 2 days ago so missed it imo made work this morning tho
  10. This cunts the type of guy that chaps the bog door doon the PRW cause he needs a shite while 4 of yees bundle out
  11. Fuck me get this cunt to fuck was disappointed wae gerrard, wanted mcinnes, jack ross or Steve clarke
  12. No coincidence dan deacon joined the forum a decade ago tbh
  13. Man U will be the worst side to ever win it imo
  14. Barnes should be getting a second yella there
  15. “I’d like to apologise to rangers fans for taking up airtime from celtic fans” take a fucking now Gareth
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