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  1. He’s been the number one flattard pushing his conspiracy for years mate. One to watch
  2. That ones up there with the craziest ones. Totally forgot about that.
  3. He made a fleeting return fwiw before being rumbled. Canny mind the name
  4. There’s a part of venus’s atmosphere that’s earth like
  5. A think they will be ok. Still got Ziyech, pulisic chilwell and Thiago Silva to go in that team.
  6. He didn’t do enough if the guy was there to meet his 13 year old niece fs. Should have crippled him
  7. A thought the breaking of arms was a sign towards something more sinister tbh well deserved in that case
  8. A always new ma pal was skint when he turned up for work with a box of that n tin of tuna. Used to fuck the tuna in it, said it was lovely but am yet to try it lol
  9. a think this is just our way of saying we can’t create that gas using man made equipment so our only explanation is it’s from a biological source. File under shite
  10. Could be as little as jumping the queue if you get somecunt on a bad day
  11. Toast n butter. Trying to keep the eye on the prize that is a steak dinner later with roasties, egg n broccoli
  12. Just because you’re good enough for aberdeen doesn’t make you good enough for Rangers.
  13. Bit early for you to be woooshing the Vice President of the site mate
  14. What happened at the end of that game
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