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  1. Thanks, thought I seen someone mention we drew 1-1 with them but couldn’t see anything else about it so wasn’t sure if that was shite or not. good to see at least one helpful bear out there
  2. Have we had any preseason matches behind closed doors yet, all the other SPL teams so far appear to have had at least a few matches? Usually you have a couple of matches against diddy league teams before increasing the ability of opponent but I can’t find anything anywhere about us playing any matches at all yet?
  3. Would the best solution not be giving McLeish the director of football role, but act as interim manager until he helps identify and employ the new manager in the summer, hopefully Frank...
  4. He must be contractually held to certain amount of strips, are you for real and for one minute trying to suggest that Ashley wouldn't be so petty? Are you kidding me on?
  5. Yes I signed up, then waited 3 years so I could make some pish up eh?
  6. I knew there was a reason I stopped using this forum, everyone is completely up their own arsehole. When I was told this I thought it was something which should be out there, as nobody from the club can probably comment due to the gagging order from Ashley regarding the corporate deal. If you's want to stick your heads in the sand, good luck to yous.
  7. It's nothing to do with club not having money, it's all to do with Ashley spitting the dummy out when he didn't win his cases. The player in question has absolutely no reason to lie, all he done was rave about the experience of playing at Ibrox and the atmosphere when the teams came running out etc
  8. No, he told him sorry but he's not buying tops. Wouldn't do it myself either. He also said Joey came into the away dressing room to see him and apologise for injuring him, which I thought was brilliant
  9. Is that the standard reponse to anyone who doesnt post that all is rosey? Grow up, I've probably supported Rangers longer than you've had brain cells. Personally I am blown away with the progress under Warburton and King, I am a big King fan, not a knocker. Just saying this is something which should be known and rectified.
  10. Don't know if this is public knowledge or not but for a club our size I think this is absolutely scandalous. I know young boy that played against us with Annan last night and my son was talking to him today, when he was standing in the tunnel after the match Krankjar stopped to talk to him as he got injured and asked if he was ok. He was blown away that a guy of his stature would take the time out to chat to him, but he asked him for his jersey and when he was about to take it off the kit man asked him what he was doing. When he said he was giving the top to the Annan player he was told h
  11. You can be guaranteed that the mutual consent is that Rangers will pay a fraction of their current salary until such time as they find another club, so the likes of McGregor will be completely off the wage bill.
  12. Did anyone read the preview for the match on BBC where Stubbs says he hopes to bring in some players during the transfer window and that they are being linked with McGeough???? WTF, I thought McGeogh was part of the deal for Allan??? As well as Henderson on loan for a season, turns out they got Allan for less than we offered and a loan player for a season or perhaps McGeough didn't fancy it??
  13. Just told by a girl who works in my club in Paisley had broken down on Shieldhall Road yesterday with her little boy in the car, someone stopped to help push her car to the side of the road and then gave her and her boy a lift home to Paisley. It was none other than our very own James Tavernier.....Well done Son
  14. Is pay at the gate only available on say the Copeland stand or will it be pay at the gate on all stands but only specific turnstyles?
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