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  1. Don't be so fucking ridiculous ! This forum is getting beyond a joke
  2. This result has finally broke my support for the Manager, The buck stops with him and his team. Time to go unfortunately. Not od enough and not acceptable, he should do the right thing and resign. #lostmysupport
  3. Fuk of simplythebest ya prick! No idea
  4. I shared a dressing room with Ally, I know what the club means to him. All those detractors and unloyal fans who are happy to have a pot shot because right now things are not rosy, have no idea what it means to be a bear. Success is earned through hard work and determination over a period of time, not because it's expected. Those that think differently haven't experienced it
  5. I may not get to many games now I am back home in Australia, but I was once a part of the fabric of our great club, with putting my opinion out there on a public forum, I expec abuse when it's against the grain, but my loyalty and unmovable love for my club won't be diminished by a few ad results. For all the guys and gals out there who expect brilliance each week, and who have followed loyalty through the rise, feel the hurt, as the feeling of success when it does come back, will be well worth it. Back the club, back the manager, back the legend!
  6. Yep, I expect the Shyte would come. Before you post, think of our values of a club. We never ever turn on our own, our history is not about the past 3 years. It's a lot more than that . I send your memories back to when we were flying at the top of the league before the shut hit the fan with that fraud White. Do you think that Ally didn't know what was happening? Get a grip. Stop being the in the moment glory hunters. Imagine the moment when we are back at the summit.
  7. I have sat here and watched the unfolding drama of what is my club over the past 3-4 years. Yes as most of you all are very disappointed with all the bile and push we need to dea with on a daily basis. Whatever happened to the old saying follow follow ? I agree that Ally hasn't ignited the eternal flame of grandeur of "total football" but fuk me, the abuse the man has taken on this forum is un ranger like. In such desperate situation Ally has guided us back to the level we expect int he time we have had, ok the performances and lack of youth development has taken its toll. Did we and do you e
  8. absolutley devestated if true. had a wee time (3 years at ibrox living the dream) and gutted at this news. sad days indeed. Coisty, Duranty and Walter will be devestated at this news
  9. Could have saved time and just sent them a fucking text mate.
  10. Apparently Chris McLaughlin tweeting creditors meeting took just 9 fucking minutes. CVA officially rejected. No surprise there, but Fucking 9 minutes..... what a shambles.
  11. Tin Hat on here, but I thought Murray came across well. Didn't look uneasy at all. He is probably sick of being asked the same bloody questions. Tin Hat on again, I think if the case was a simple win for HMRC, then why has it taken so long to reach a verdict? Murray looked pretty confident that the club have done nothing wrong, just used the rules to their advantage.
  12. This is what I have been thinking for a very long time now, ever since this started to unfold. Fuck the SPL and all the Rangers bashers out there who think that they can take a free shot at us in our current predicament. Let the Shytey SPL clubs bleed to Death if we were not around. Lets face the fact that Starting over (we all now that we will still have our History and our Titles) but I agree we should exhaust every possible option of getting into the English Leagues. If we are going to be punished and hamstrung by the SPL SFGA then fuk em all and lets go to England. If we are going to suffe
  13. :McGregor: :Papac: :Davis: :Edu: :Wylde: :Aluko: :mervan:
  14. That certainly didn't look the Mr McCoist we all know. My gut feeling is he has already resigned !
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