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  1. partly in picture is jimmy duncanson sub in second half
  2. followed by charlie johnston oon jimmy duncanson partly in picture came on as sub ,i know cause i was there
  3. the same was said about nottingham forrest and the rest as they is history.
  4. number5 carl hansen ,player from denmark
  5. willie waddell, willie henderson,tommy mclean,quinton young.to name a few.3 of those named had caps for scotland
  6. blue and white horizontal striped shirt is the second one on the clip,nicknamed the butchers strip
  7. seen the blue and white horizontal stripes when i was 16 rangers v moscow dynamoes
  8. speirs is just a useful idiot to you know who but will never be one of them.just like big jock
  9. i needed a convincing argument to make my mind up.that should just about do it
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