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  1. Worked building the (I recall Wrangler/Levi) factory there. There was a pub nearby and for some reason the Tunnocks people (could be wrong or disillusioned) used to supply it with steak pies of an evening. I’m sure some cunt will shoot me down. I believe it was in the uddingston area.
  2. You are a handsome man, stay off the drugs and you may find the person of your life that you can settle down with,
  3. It happened you game machine saddo (making that up because I know nothing of you) I have and till the day I die live a life less ordinary than others. Enjoy your couch.
  4. Correcting spelling mistakes on here is pointless, spellcheck decides when you type in anger or otherwise you type what you think press send and then...
  5. Cool, it all happened fella I’m not drawn to hyperbole
  6. Past yer bed time ya wee boy/girl/it/them/other millennial faced with the truth facist
  7. Conformity to facts or in a court the truth
  8. I am calm, but when your veracity is tested you can either be honest or Sturgeon.
  9. In my wee mind it is not redemption its restoration, we stand proud. They put us down WE got us back.
  10. All true you fuckpig thundercunt arsehole. Life is strange sometimes in many ways, my life has been varied eventful and along the way comes a mad curveball or two and features teats like you. I could show you the X-rays, the dive logs and other sundries but I have no need to prove a thing to you. You know nothing of me and I of you, testing my veracity over my like of helicopters and their order of importance in my life is sad in so many ways. My dive club and their first aid abilities along with the Royal Navy saved me from being a burden on the NHS, I was able to walk again and more importa
  11. I’ve always liked helicopters, my favourite helicopter was the one in 2002 that took me from Carmarthen Bay to a hyperbaric chamber in Cardiff, after I got a spinal bend on a meh dive. It saved my life and after being paralysed from the waist down. They were fundamental in getting me back on my feet. Sunday 2005 is a very very close second, and it was the ROYAL NAVY that saved me. At the same time as me there was an Irish-American who had been flown from a very deep dive he messed up (we all make mistakes) in Eire. He was lauding our health service when the Irish sent him the bill for re
  12. Plod didn’t lose it the Justice Secretaries Office lost it.
  13. Whoever did the car park parquet is not getting into Butlins. Tho tbf, I never knew it was still in existence till today...
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