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  1. Well you dopey fool if you had followed social media you would
  2. I have toasted all of those players who brought us back up except for two (any guesses) as McCoist said in normal times they would be nowhere near Ibrox. They helped us take back what was rightfully ours, so one more cheers to them, they made us believe and they laid the path that made us the winners we are today.
  3. Yet they couldn’t do that a couple of days ago, funny old world!
  4. Yet they couldn’t do that a couple of days ago, funny old world!
  5. He’s missed a trick, he should be merchandising packs of cards in two packs one Blue one green, the Blue ones you can build with the green ones just to weak to support themselves.
  6. That must have been some fucking dump, to have nothing to top it in 13 years...
  7. Love how the window cleaner has come directly from his work with his Loyalist Ladder
  8. That’ll be crime of the century tomorrow, if it’s him or not.
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