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  1. When it happens it needs to be seamless, next gaffer takes hold of the ropes and begins the new cycle of stepping it up, taking us forward and choking the competition wherever we meet them.
  2. More likely - This is how high the carpet is now, a need a bigger broom.
  3. That will be an extra special emergency rule brought in.. Should mix it in with Armed Forces day, stick it to the Nats, press and that wee club full of peadoes all in one.
  4. Must be a fully paid up member of a guild and a party, probably the only ones he pays faithfully.
  5. He’s yet to discover “halfpienaroll”l, isn’t a fantastic player.
  6. Reminds me of one of the worlds greatest football players of all time, just change the first letter and you have Jele..
  7. I was looking more at the hair/scarf interface and drew the conclusion.
  8. When I glanced at their pic initially I thought he had been pictured next some random Indian lady.
  9. The things people do for a freebie, hope the fingerbanger washed his hands before serving other customers.
  10. Maybe his purgatory will be watching JRM in his heaven enjoying a jovial Darjeeling tea with scones and lashings of cream and jam, watching the cricket. I’m pretty sure his anti-catholic rant against Mogg is as anti-catholic as it gets, he can’t hide behind “i’m a catholic too” his Twitter rant clearly states he is non denominational, bet he loves a bit of Neil Diamond..
  11. I’d worry about the bits the boys didn’t touch looks painful, and why is he holding his arms that way?
  12. He was asked, but turned them down as he didn’t want to embarrass his family..
  13. Those coppers hunting down our celebrants are living on the edge, the lawn edge..
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