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  1. Yes the man was one complicated creature, who spun some tales bizarre outcome also. Forensic science at its worst and best all in the same breath.
  2. No good at uploading stuff, but Strother Martin in Cool Hand Luke the Captains Speech chilling on such a hot day “What we got here, is failure to communicate..” Perfect delivery, passive aggressive malevolence and laying the path to the future.
  3. I was watching this on terrestrial TV (Arena I think, and it disappeared halfway through the series power of the dollar I suppose) glad I got to find out what happened in the end.
  4. After shaking hands with Israel’s manager, he stood there like the looser he is, Smith/McCoist & McLeish got us into the top 20 (or am i off my tits) since then it has been handed to failures to bravely lead us down the ranks again by ignoring talent due to the colour of its strip or its fans perceived loyalty.
  5. Uriah Heep was my first ever concert - Conquest Tour I think - Girlschool was the support act
  6. Enjoy mate, that’s a punch you roll with.
  7. Typical cyclists riding the wrong way down a one way street.
  8. Lets calm this down now folks, I was lying..not saying what way tho
  9. Oi, copper, you cunt, find me if you can..
  10. My wife climbs me every night. Muriel Grey refused to put it on her show though as I was 3590inches too short despite my name.
  11. Or foot fetish thread..oh wait wrong forum!
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