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  1. Most played song on their jukebox is “Raisins to be cheerful”…
  2. Most played song on their jukebox is “Raisins to be cheerful”…
  3. That’s a fantastic marketing idea selling comfort towels saying “It’s all a bad dream, they are dead” only sold in batches of 55.
  4. Even funnier I was living away at the time and came to visit, literally walked up the street where she lived, to see her trying to tighten the nuts with a a hammer..
  5. She only found out when driving into a rain storm, she could hear the wiper motor working but her wipers remained in resting bitch face mode. Funny now, but when you are a 19 year old who had saved every penny to get a new car, and that passed quality control, you can see why the industry failed then. Oh by the way it was a fucking awful car its only redeeming feature was it didn’t leak when it rained.
  6. My girlfriend now wife bought one from brand new, Bathgates finest we’re so fucking lazy they had only hand tightened the nuts on the windscreen wiper arms.
  7. If he - the antipodean - is on any social media regarding his future employers he must be thinking, i need, A) A bigger pay cheque and B) I need a bigger boat.
  8. Howe is no doubt aware of this spin and is going “Thank fuck I dodged that bunch, now lets judge these apple turnovers”.
  9. Howe disappointing to discover that one of the Monkees is one of them.
  10. Another perversion they can add to their litany of deviant practices.
  11. And that since he was a wee boy he always wanted to manage them.
  12. The problem Is that the sectarian monicker wulliewanker was readily accepted by these haters which demonstrates their bigotry, stupidity and completely missing the point that the said above was entirely sectarian but as it was not related to the team they believed it was genuine to them. To them wulliewanker was an honest Protestant not a dishonest catholic or not offend by any inward looking shite.
  13. Integrity is pointless, they will soak up all the pressure till their gilt edged pensions pop up.
  14. celtic are investigating? When did they set up C.S.I. TIM, I assume it will be just like their secret probe (not a word that’s should be used around them) we can expect ther results when they return from Japan.
  15. Hopefully this ends their vile attacks upon our club, knowing we will bite back, not in the way they do, but in the appropriate and dignified legal way, lets hope Rangers follow follow through or they all begin to grovelingly apologise for being exposed as the bigots they truly are - that last bit I doubt.
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