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  1. Has Alfie done something significant lately? I love how these sad little people love to piss on other peoples strawberries, yet they look and howl like they are the ones eating them.
  2. I often (no I don’t actually) think do they walk about in odd numbers especially three, to avoid being connected to a song that until last week I never knew had any connotations to it other than a love for Rangers, I love to be enlightened and educated, also I love my right to call bullshit and challenge any “absolute fact”. That above if true is beyond believing the earth is flat.
  3. Too busy wasting time and money taking on Douglas Park.
  4. Surely this is parody, I said parody, just in case they are looking in to be even more offended..
  5. I’d love to know what Rangers and the fans do that does not offend these sad wretches - and as an aside imagine spending your life looking to be offended, I’m sure this Stewart fella (whomsoever he is) beats his dick like it owes him money, when he finds something that offends, which means he is basically a flat out non stop onanist.
  6. Nah they’d be a lot older now, but their great grandchildren are worse.
  7. Almost like a banner a few seasons back - Know your place…- they are corrupt as fuck, if only the FBI could have a go at them like they did FIFA.
  8. Watching the game last night on CBS they banged on about it being a game behind closed doors due racist chanting against a Monaco player, but relented and allowed 10,000 kids in to show racism has no place in sport. The commentator at one point said something like “Kamara getting booed whenever on the ball” and saying it like he deserved it. On another note it was nailed on that Kamara was going to be sent off that’s UEFA all over, punish the complainers.
  9. No idea, he may well be, but surely one of his arms and shoulder would be moving..
  10. Disgusting, utter disrespect Motherwell will never be plus 4. If that was..
  11. Going by the quote then, the lights will be essential.
  12. Is that not a person who mestruates…
  13. I should also say the sad little hater in the car should be arrested for incitement, but no chance I will hold my breath on that.
  14. Mate that is a good defence at court -didn’t want to use my hands so repeatedly used my fists, COVID and all that - good shout. Oh wait he’s not one of them..
  15. Should have ignored that, guys a twat, but in a democracy he has aright of reply. The marcher will get arrested and the headlines will be something used by a govt to make changes.
  16. This is not going to end well for him.
  17. If this suspect had been charged surely, the gravity of the accusation would mean no bail.
  18. I one hundred percent agree with you, the caveat being from sandcastles to sectarianism only one club and fan base is held to a higher standard than every club and fan base that envelopes Scottish football and that is us.
  19. Charles Aznavour aced that one, EC to my mind was good but no CA. Good year for the Roses was bettered by George Jones too
  20. Nothing unless you are Tom Devine, its the last thing he wants.
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