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  1. Bad Grampa,s ball circulation was the best, surely? Although in fairness that was sack and balls combined!!
  2. Them,s AGM has not supported the re election of Brian Wilson, Surely it couldn't be his sole responsibility for writing Sloop John B.
  3. I,d love to see the facial contortions trying to sing that. Cheered me up though
  4. The categorisation of SNP voters into Brigadoon Dreamers, Britain (England) haters and morons is a very apt classification. I met a Brigadoon Dreamer the other day who had been a fairly senior manager of a registered charity (now retd.) Confronting him with some facts e.g. separate Scotland getting taking apart by capital markets and short selling of the new Scottish currency failed to rouse him form the dream. "At least we would be controlling it ourselves , he responded" Of course ,that is pure nonsense and it shows you the mindset that's out there. Given the 3 categories we must expect that opposing that mentality is paramount...either by Westminster saying a very final NO to another referendum, ,setting that bar so high e.g. 70%. or better still to turn the tables on the SNP and instigate a "devolution audit" to examine the state of affairs in devolved Scotland after 14 years of SNP mis-rule and as a pre-cursor to any further talks on devolution let alone on independence referendums. In other words devolution has been a disaster and now time to turn the tables on the SNP and re framing the dialogue to " Sorry, but it just hasn't worked. A first example being the behaviour of that SNP group of cretins at Westminster and to highlight their ZERO contribution to that affairs of the United Kingdom. Why are they even there...at least their brothers and sisters in Sinn Fein stay away. Cut the travel costs tell them for starters just to send 1 representative,
  5. " we know what's at stake" We can only begin to imagine the pain and agony he is in following the "Demolition" of the ten. You must admit though that the CINCH announcement and endorsement by shifty McGifty of Doncaster's stellar work that followed raised the stench of a rat or 3. It is nothing less than a calculated and personal revenge job following the no confidence calls and request that they step down after last season's world class fiasco with the premature calling of the league.
  6. It cannot be coincidence that the only times that this "Shift McGifty) McLennan pitches up is to attempt to damage Rangers.
  7. Headlines like that serve to underscore an industry in deep decline. The only downside will be severe shortages of fish supper wrappings in the years ahead!
  8. Furohashi san....Iniesta say GO to celtic... I remember as a young boy looking at my first celtic poster above my bed and it brought a tear to the eye of Iniesta....looking down were Wayne Biggins, Carl Muggleton and Anton Rogan...
  9. Desmond Dermot wont be happy when he pays his annual visit to collect his Divi (£9mullion is it?) Only to find the biscuit tin empty save for some ginger nuts crumbs!!
  10. Oh YES SIR I can Boogie But I,m tangled in a net...
  11. I,m late onto this...which one has been sacked exactly? Lurgan Flopp Neic Lemmon or; Mr Pop C Teeth?
  12. Any tarrier team we play we will; be up against this BS. More fool Alfie raising his hand .....but by doing so he gives the enemy its chance.
  13. The Pride of Lurgan.............Lurgan Flopp.
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