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  1. Surely the £50m was a dig at King as others have eluded too? However, it does give them more credit then they deserve.
  2. Growing up my 3 favourite players were Cooper, McCoist and Durrant. I was right footed, but always practiced with my left foot as I wanted to be as good as Davie. I feel sorry for the young Gers today as they have O'Halloran, Haliday And Waghorn as their inspiration. RIP Davie Cooper you were one of the all time greats in football. Never forgotten, Always revered.
  3. I was lucky enough to be invited to watch a training session under Warburton. Now I know I only got to see one session, so can't say what else goes on the rest of the time, but it was all ball work, no drills or athletic training using equipment on the field. The indoor gym work was around 45min before heading outside to the pitch. There it was give and go shooting (I know) and 5-a-side in close quarters, both lasted about 45min with few breaks. Lunch was next for the players, then they went onto the next session which I wasn't privy to. I was impressed to be honest and speaking with the fitn
  4. The list of managers doesn't inspire most of us, but outwith McLeish, the other candidates won't know what it means to be at Rangers. Now Warburton didn't understand this and the job seemed to overwhelm him, but he did bring in Weir as his assistant who we all thought would instill the winning mentality and demands of being a Rangers man, this didn't transpire unfortunately, so who does the new manager bring in? May I suggest, rightly or wrongly, that Ferguson's resignation at Clyde allows him to fulfil this role? If not him, then how important do we think it is to be someone who understands u
  5. I don't think you could expect Murty to change the team and tactics that much after 1 training session. Hopefully he's changed the role of the players in their positions though. The striker should be exactly that, not drop off into midfield.
  6. With the talk of a director of football and Barry Ferguson sticking up for the board recently, is there a possibility of Barry coming in as a coach with someone of experience working in DoF role?
  7. Warburton has said Miller is not in midfield and that it's a change of shape. Maybe I'm dreaming, but that team could play 4-4-2.
  8. Lovenkrands made a great point, which was that he played with Arveladze, Mols and Prso, and all of them chased every second ball, where as today's team waits for the ball to come to them. The amount of times Ross County won the 2nd ball, in both boxes, caused us so much problems. Our players need to stop waiting for things to happen and make them happen. Higher tempo and a desire to win every ball, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and never stop. Play each game like it's your last.
  9. The other night I watched a 9 in a row documentary which featured players like McCoist, Laudrup, Albertz and Alan McLaren being interviewed, as well as Walter and Archie. For those who don't remember, we almost blew a 14 point lead going for our 9th title. We had just beat Celtic and were on cruise control, when we started to drop silly points. We lost to Dundee United at home and started to draw games, by the time it came to the last old firm game, there was just 5 points between us, lose at porkhead, and the gap would be 2. The reason they said this happened was complacency. Now we know what
  10. Onwards and upwards. Best signing in years.
  11. It was the same challenge Patterson did on Kenny Miller in the last game at tinkercastle, which happened 2 min after Smith's red card. He didn't even get a booking, but I was screaming for a red as were the supporters around me. As per, one rule for one and one rule for everyone else. Still a red though.
  12. South stand lower P3. Time to stand up and be counted.
  13. Cathro if we can get an experienced DoF or McInnes if we stick with a traditional setup.
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