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  1. Please stay Alfie. And get back to what you were. Tonight was the old Alfredo.
  2. That was an absolute riddy for that cunt last night. Cunt was creaming his pants and when Milan scored their 3rd he almost stopped talking. Fuckin banger. Craigen wisnae any better.
  3. Can't believe what I just watched there. Fuckin mutants.
  4. What a fuckin bellend Sheridan is. Get it right up ye ya cunt!!
  5. I'll see ye with,fuckin yyyyaaaasssss.
  6. Like most on here,I think he's been below par this season, but tonight he played very well. He's going to be inconsistent but he can play a killer pass,that's for sure.
  7. Clancy to referee every beggar game for rest of season.
  8. Yyyyaaaassss. Walker "not sure it was a penalty ". Get it up ye ya wank.
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