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  1. To early to tell yet. It will be interesting to see if we take up the option on him at the end of the season. I would like to think Kelly will be part of the first team squad next season.
  2. I watched him regularly when he played for us, like a lot of the team at that point he was fairly average. Nothing against him but nowhere near the quality we have enjoyed in this position since then
  3. If we are being balanced on this then St Mirren could have had a penalty. Not the most Stonewall but one all the same.
  4. Great guy ,you can just see the joy on his face when he talks about us.
  5. For me he lacks physicality to make it to the top level. I saw him play against Dumbarton earlier in the season in the Challenge cup ( or what ever it is called) scored a good goal but did not hold the ball up well or challenge their defence. Obviously an eye for goal but unless he ups his game on the physical and workrate side he will not reach the level we require. If he did he would be a great player.
  6. I suspect the board must have someone else lined up. Murty has done his best but it's too early in his career for the Rangers Managers job full time. The most important signing we can make now is as top class manager as we can If that means not as much on players that's fine by me. A class manager will get more out of a squad and be worth the money. If we had one from the start of the season we would not be far away. Even if we had been able to replace Pedro with one I think the league with this present squad would not have been a million miles away.
  7. If McCorie and Dorrans get some game time tomorrow that will be great. I would suspect Rossiter will just be part of the match squad. Just hope McCorie and Dorrans are able to play a part in the semi final .Rossiter I wish the best of luck and hope he gets some game time before the end of the season .
  8. FDB is an experienced manager and a winner at all levels. My main worries would be his supposedly aloof attitude and if he would be flexible in relation to his tatics or if he just sticks with the same system no matter the opposition.
  9. I would be surprised if we got any announcement before the cup semi final. I would only have thought we would hear once second place was decided at the earliest.
  10. 4 players but top quality. 2 CBs ,strong tackling and running midfielder and a striker. However we must have a top quality manager as well.
  11. Rossiter has not played enough games for us for me to make a decision on him. If he will ever play enough games is another matter. From the little I did see of him it looked liked he could tackle which is something we need .I would be great if he could get fit enough.
  12. We did , he did not want to go to Tottenham but Murray put pressure on him to go, we needed the fee
  13. Very talented but just not fit enough for us. Wish him well but we never should have signed him a bad buy by Warburton
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