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  1. I would hope Kelly could do that for us after his to two loan spells.
  2. Ofoborh will not be a first team starter. He will be a work in progress. Just look at the number of games he has started and not at a high level. He must have been identified as having potential but definitely not a starter next season.
  3. Well done got to say I like it
  4. Rod ,the low level paper gatherer will be making sure the panel are advised to Ajeti off and that it is done procedurally correctly.
  5. Good player but for what we would have to pay not worth it. He will be 30 later this year and would have no sell on value . Too expensive.
  6. To early to tell yet. It will be interesting to see if we take up the option on him at the end of the season. I would like to think Kelly will be part of the first team squad next season.
  7. I watched him regularly when he played for us, like a lot of the team at that point he was fairly average. Nothing against him but nowhere near the quality we have enjoyed in this position since then
  8. If we are being balanced on this then St Mirren could have had a penalty. Not the most Stonewall but one all the same.
  9. So this time they did have the evidence just decided not to look at it.
  10. Murphy could still contribute to us however he needs to get up to speed and we can't afford to play him while is is not match fit. If we could get him out on a loan for 6 months and then have him back contributing for the last half of the season.
  11. It was a poor performance by the players but the selection was wrong and that's what gave them the upper hand. Really pissed off with Sundays performance but trying to be objective . There were a few players who did play for the first time against celtic and hopefully will have learned. I hope the manager will have learned as well. Even the game at Parkhead where we lost 2-1 playing with 10 men ,when we attacked them we were successful. Even in that game we made a mistake for their second goal rather than them taking us apart. Also we missed a sitter near the end. If we go at them with the rig
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