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  1. Glad so much is being done for covid, what about the internal investigation about ca?
  2. This messiah duffy looks slow as fck.
  3. What about ST holders who have been paying year in , year out for 30+ years who have no interest in Mygers and didn’t claim refund? Their loyalty ignored? Not an uber fan?
  4. Did they update on their own internal investigation?.......
  5. The rebel are the ones who are like a child with a tantrum. It looks like they are no longer getting leaks from the club and they , especially Keech, don’t like it.
  6. Couldn’t agree more (again😂)
  7. Totally agree. Trying to find out how much they have went up since last year. Believe the setup has changed. But it shouldnt be one rule for one st holder and another rule for others
  8. Bar72 getting upto 12.5% discount if paid off in full plus vouchers. Appreciate their price is much more but why one rule for one and another for other st holders?
  9. How much were they last year?
  10. We never learn. Other clubs are trying to shaft us and we are debating about a scheme that gives us access to away tickets🤦‍♂️
  11. No surprise. Only way to hit them is in the pocket. Dont buy away/hampden tickets
  12. Dont post. Never felt the need. But if ever there was a need for bears to deny other clubs the blue pound , if this goes through, is now
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