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  1. I`ll deal with your points 1 by 1. Think you will find lots of members raised same questions but I cannot recall a specific post at you,hopefully you will prove your accusation with a copy of the post! I often mention the DR as I see headlines etc.It is always anti DR so I can`t figure out how you see that as being a hypocrite! Look above my avi you daft cunt! My `meltdown` about the Lloyds cellic ST holder is true! Interesting that you saw that as a `meltdown`.Ignorant prick. I cannot post names but it will come out in court case. Guy from Lloyds(head of business accounts Scotland) was and p
  2. I`m entitled to my opinion.Requested the deletion of my membership so!
  3. fannybaws making up your own quotes
  4. why do you keep saying sober up as if `i win` anyone who disagrees with you is drunk then?
  5. simple question then,why couldn`t OP edit thread title? These cunts tried to kill our club.Ginger taig said we cheated! I fkn despair at our support! Apathetic shite that only enjoys boycotting our own club! Who is the real enemy? Always thought there was one place I could come that was clear of influence and open to debate! Seems someone has altered that! GTF with your Lennon shite! This is no longer a Rangers forum.
  6. Bears attacking another bear for complaining about an ira supporting fenian`s name in Bear`s den.Clique fannies!
  7. no prick it`s called principle! cunts name should not be allowed in the Bears Den and when you read this back you will realise you are attacking a fellow Bear in defense of Neil Lennon! FFS what does that make you?
  8. odd as in hating fenian ira supporting bigots? odd as not wanting to see an ira supporting fenian bigots name in the Bears Den all fukin day? Odd as in loving my club and hating those who tried to destroy us? Odd as in never forgetting the cunts that tried to kill our club? Ginger bigot was one who said we cheated yet here we are,all pals with his name on a fukin Bears Den thread all day.Shocking when you have Ally out threads running alongside that ira supporting cunt in the Bears Den. Banned for life! GIRFUY ADMIN bunch of cunts to let that run!
  9. and you wont have to ban me! I want no part of a Rangers forum that `proudly` posts the lurgan bigots name as a thread title all fukin day! ADMIN LOST THE PLOT HERE! Please delete my profile and membership admin in line with data protection rules.I cannot find the option in my profile page. Fuckin outrageous that after a serious defeat you let that thread run as it is all day!
  10. place has gone to fuk just like the club! Fenian cunt names in thread titles,capital c`s for the scum kiddy fiddlers! Admin lost the plot here!
  11. another one posting his full name! FFS! Rangers man went to prison for dressing up as postman pat on Halloween and admin thinks it`s funny.
  12. amazing that admin would allow this thread title to run all day without a simple change.It is highly offensive to see that taig,fenian,ira supporting cunts name in the Bears Den! Admin losing the fukin plot here or what?
  13. Not a personal dig mate but can you point me to a comparable situation where bringing in a new manager won the league? I can`t recall it.
  14. No more direct convo with me ok! Unless admin say diff I`m labelling you as highly suspect!
  15. 85 posts and starts a `next manager poll` I`d keep an eye on this one admin.
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