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  1. 😂 yeah I will give you that but in my defence all I said he would do a job for us..he did score a goal away at Motherwell earlier in season 😂
  2. And you were one of many on here who wanted rid of him last season. Hate to say I told you so...but I did 😂
  3. Aye he doesn’t contribute at all in the games he plays. He has 20 goals and assists this season thats a very good return.
  4. Big dilemma is to when to book time off work for the league winning celebrations 🤔
  5. Yeah but you can’t get a superstar in Scottish league terms for £7m he won’t be the finished article so to speak. Kent for me is one of our best players and if fit he plays because hardly anyone in our squad can do what he done on Thursday.
  6. He goes through periods of being inconsistent but still over the season he does more than enough. Is that hard to understand? £7m to us is a lot but in most league iys loose change so sorry to break it to you but £7 doesn’t buy you a ‘superstar’ unless you add another zero onto that.
  7. That’s the point he hasn’t been a passenger people just say that because he’s not taking on 2/3 men when he has the ball. He’s a winger he’s going to be inconsistent sometimes. I hope it’s a long time before he leaves because then people will realise how much of a vital part of the team he is.
  8. He’s a winger and unfortunately he’s going to be inconsistent but he’s had far more good games than bad games for us. People will only realise how good he is and how integral he is to our team when god forbid he goes.
  9. He’s done more than enough this season.
  10. If anyone is having a go at Kent’s performance tonight they need to stop sniffing clue. He was excellent
  11. Fuck one game at a time we are allowed to look ahead you know.
  12. He was fucking immense
  13. Play in completely different positions.
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