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  1. It was the first thing I thought of when I opened my eyes this morning 😩.
  2. They're as tribal as any ordinary supporter and there lies the problem. But it's not the only problem, we're universally hated in this country, but they have a voice to speak to everyone in Scotland online in print etc. They are playing up to their audience, us because we're obviously outraged at the bias and impartiality so they get the clicks/hits because the bias is shared around websites, and everyone else in Scotland because they just love to see big bad Rangers get demonised win win for the scum.
  3. I swear to fuck, Suarez wasn't hounded this badly after his acts of cannibalism.
  4. Maybe all the booze is lubricating your blood I don't drink myself .
  5. Hard luck pal, the interference engine basically destroys itself after a timing belt snap .
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