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  1. Also called Ford vs Ferrari, Matt Damon and Christian Bale racing Ford Gt40’s
  2. Take about 100 or 200 tickets, that way the home team still need to employ turnstile operators, stewards, pie stall staff etc so it costs them as well
  3. Don’t know if you know but there is a spin-off film from this about Jesus the bowler, it’s called the Jesus rolls may be on Netflix or something like that
  4. Kenny Rogers Just checked in to see what condition his condition was in
  5. Would fancy our chances against Wolfsburg if they get through
  6. Might be wrong but i think the prick of a ref booked him when he was on the stretcher get carried off
  7. It still surprises me (although probably shouldn't) that nothing got said in the press or media that he refereed 2 consecutive league matches at the Piggery. When have you ever heard of a ref getting 2 games in a row with the same team much less at the same stadium, christ when we complained about collum sending off Candeias i don't think he ref'd us for about 4 months and even then it was a meaningless end of season match when he did
  8. Would be nice if he was the February picture on the hibs calendar just to piss them off for the next month a bit more
  9. Excellent news, hopefully scores the winner tomorrow to celebrate
  10. Was SG or any member of the back room staff informed by the ref he was issued with a 3rd yellow ?
  11. If as he said it’s not a criticism of SG then why are you mentioning it ya fucking tube
  12. couldn't help thinking as he ran off the pitch after scoring Clancy's waiting with the second yellow in hand when he steps back on. Superb stuff from the big man today long may it continue
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