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  1. Dundee didn’t indicate their agreement initially though with the lost email. This is what’s being argued. In law, you can apparently change a no vote to yes within the allowed 28 days, but you can’t change a yes vote. Hearts are arguing though that it stated within the SPFL rules that it’s not the case. There’s fuck all explosive about that-this all cane out at the original vote. Court will need to decide on this one.
  2. The new loans being quoted is the SFA, not the SPFL. Nothing to do with Doncaster.
  3. Sorry-but just had enough reading someone who quotes info second hand and tries to pass it off as his own, or when he hasn’t done that it’s just completely made up and false. And yeah, I know as a first post it’ll leave me wide open for the accusations. Been a member on here long enough to know the drill. I just genuinely thought we might be able to make some headway tomorrow with this vote, but part of that was based on some of what this guy has been saying, and it’s been a lot of shite. I’ll head back into the background again.
  4. I don’t know why anyone still likes or agrees with this guy’s posts. Since the start of this, he’s been wrong at every turn. Came into it with statements that led you to believe he was somehow ITK, but disappears like snow off a dyke when it goes tits up, only to reappear when there’s a bit of momentum. Stop making comments that are clearly made up and misleading! @eskbankloyal has always shown to be the most reliable one when it comes to information.
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