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  1. No chance, they will be going for docking us 21 points for a "level playing field".
  2. And that is just the HMRC search results.
  3. I checked, Fulham have less than 20K supporters at home in 2019-2020. Not going to check their income from league position or I will start crying.
  4. Was he in the shower at the time?
  5. Watching Scotland Tonight here (she indoors has it on) and spiers the cunt is desperate to get the football stopped as it is not safe! No shit Sherlock, your team keep fucking ignoring the rules and isolated due to an injured player who shouldn't have been there. At least the other bloke (looked like Martin O'Neills child) spoke some sense on the issue.
  6. Malvern


    I like Hagi, he is unpredictable which the opposition hate. Shoots when he can and the lad doesn't half mind being roughed about and hit the deck, bounces up and carries on most of the time, makes a change from rolling about like you have been shot. Another year or two and I think we will really see him coming into his own.
  7. There is no reason to postpone the game due to a couple of Covid incidents. Other teams have had it worse and been forced to play, they have a useless manager and some cunt on crutches ill so hardly catastrophic.
  8. We can't do that, the scum go to Dubai.
  9. Quality manager, sad news hearing of his death, long may he rest in peace. The time of quality Scottish managers is fast becoming extinct, the new lot are a load of shit.
  10. I am really pissed off, I have no excuse to be raging tonight!
  11. Seem to remember something from that paper about robbing, pissing on the dead and police. My spidey senses say bullshit.
  12. Expect Roofe to be on with Itten at the start, you know something different?
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