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  1. A fantastic left back who is playing in goal.
  2. They would both fall on the floor screaming for a medic clutching areas of their body nobody hit.
  3. Malvern


    He has been watching too many Liverpool games and the way Firmino plays. Mo is coming too deep for me just now and should be annoying the fuck out of the defenders and let the midfield link with him.
  4. Or you're a rabid scum fan screaming offside yah masonic prick of a ref!
  5. The season ticket holding establishment? Surely not.
  6. Now the story has been bandied about in The Times and Guardian newspapers(papers of Westminster and the BBC but no chance the latter will report I guess) I hope to at least see Ruth Davidson giving Douglas Ross a right kick in the stones up in our tinpot shithole of an assembly demanding answers as to why there has been no further action on this since the last question put to Humza useless cunt.
  7. Maybe he doesn't want to be a defender, maybe his dream was to be a goalkeeper...
  8. Wouldn't take any of them, don't need to. I have someone to clean my shitter and take the bins out.
  9. I hope not, I want the greeting faced bastard there at the end of the season blaming every cunt under the sun.
  10. Better be a black pudding and egg roll with pepper for a good start to a Sunday morning before you go off to church.
  11. Two inbred teams (one with wool still sticking out of their shorts) would be weird, what's more weird was why were you watching them...
  12. The only time I have really taken interest in formula one in the last 15 years or so was when some of the drivers refused to take the knee even though the other drivers (especially hamilton the prick were pushing them) as they disagreed with BLM and Antifa, now that I did support.
  13. As Dominic Raab said, "I bow to my wife and the Queen, no-one else" (subtle fucking hint for a knighthood there son but then you have "sir Kier Starmer on the other bench, I am not surprised at the standards being set so low!)
  14. Getting fucked twice in 7 days must be fun, it will be just like being back in the paedo parish.
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