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  1. Duffy leaving at the end of the season is obviously going to be a huge boost for the mutants.
  2. Tell her to close the door as she is leaving if she doesn't like it.
  3. Only Rangers fans, unauthorised scum brigadoon marches are fine.
  4. No thanks, absolutely Irrelevant to our current team and you are just picking every player out of the world past and present (by the way you missed out Stevie G).
  5. Get DIY SOS to help out the GCC, the incompetent bastards can't seem to help themselves.
  6. It was for Maureen, but if you want to own the question...
  7. Are your brother and father following you down the road to give you a quick shag?
  8. Yeah I know, but expected a bloody option
  9. Expected option 1 to be Sir Walter or Stevie G MBE.
  10. Can't go for drink or gambling next year, think both are banned. The money to be made is from the Saudis or the CCP, get one of those on board...
  11. You need a safe space, we have specialist police officers who can talk to you and make sure you can rest peacefully at night. Ach don't worry about the riots down the road, go to your safe space and relax whilst we check twitter for offensive behaviour.
  12. Nope, the fucking adverts annoy the tits off me.
  13. He's no getting the jod ;-), however d mcinnes has a hole in his schedule.
  14. Good, the bloke was always a prick and a moaning faced bastard. Perfect for the victims.
  15. Sorry, trying to remember the chaotic scenes. Was that the sharks being flung at the polis?
  16. I was in London and saw Mo Jo with the scum shirt and thought "for fuck sake", then the change and signed for us I was over the moon. The wee bastard was a terrier.
  17. Stevie G and Lampard in the same team never worked for England, however in this I will allow this minor overlook.
  18. Get well soon Boss, you're needed later on to raise our 55th flag at Ibrox.
  19. Humza is holding up the carpet and nicola is sweeping the previous issues under it.
  20. Pretty sure I remember those cunts commenting something like "It would be nice if Rangers could help us out with the coefficient".
  21. Did they pick that up before the match from the Louden?
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