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  1. Duffy leaving at the end of the season is obviously going to be a huge boost for the mutants.
  2. Are your brother and father following you down the road to give you a quick shag?
  3. He's no getting the jod ;-), however d mcinnes has a hole in his schedule.
  4. Good, the bloke was always a prick and a moaning faced bastard. Perfect for the victims.
  5. Humza is holding up the carpet and nicola is sweeping the previous issues under it.
  6. Fuck sake, I had to make a tin foil hat to protect myself from that shite.
  7. We can see him in Dubai with the rest of the mhanky bastards and just sort it out there on neutral ground.
  8. Up until season ticket renewal he will be one of the main targets for the scum. Two minutes after the tickets are sold they get to keep the standin for continuity.
  9. West Ham in the EPL or the paedo champions of the UK, tough choice.
  10. Just need to go down to the lowest league now as well, you know, in the name of sporting integrity.
  11. Just checked info on that "Scum FC has some of the most passionate fans in the world but their cause goes beyond sport and stands in the face of history's greatest human rights issue" WTF! Al Jazeera must really believe those cunts are Palestinian fans. Don't even think the Boys Beasting Corporation would go that far.
  12. Maybe wee Ben won't follow their cult any more and potentially abuse children.
  13. The paedo deniers are breaking the internet streaming our games, even when their own one is on.
  14. Nope You need to get the league stopped, go to Dubai and then have a Zoom call before the title is given to the scum....errr winner.
  15. We are losing all our remaining games, just give them the trophy now and stop wasting time... Or we can support our team and watch the fucking game!
  16. No point getting arsy about the sad bigot of a man, as soon as the season is over his career is gone and will be in the trash can of history where he deserves to be.
  17. The scum must need him to be available to dive in the next match.
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