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  1. It's not getting cancelled unless the whole fucking season is.
  2. Right, it worked in this thread. Going to try it in another.
  3. Daft question, to post a youtube video all you used to have to do was paste the URL. That isn't working for me now. The other media tab wouldn't post it either (from URL).
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06dbYcIwuxA&ab_channel=NandaPandyatama
  5. Robbed. Plain and simple. That aside, I thought we were a bit naive at 2-1. We didn't have to chase the game and should have let them push up as we could dismantle them with pace on the break. As it was we let Hivs have 5 attempts on target when they didn't look anything special.
  6. The linesman is in the perfect position to see that. Fucking cheat.
  7. The guys got posters of fucking trainers, in a trainer room. Weirdo.
  8. That's a failure of the management to blood some of the youth players. It's little wonder many will be looking for opportunities elsewhere. It's not easy to build a decent team from Scottish players these days when you're reliant on players other teams produce. We used to sign some belters from clubs like Clydebank (Cooper) but it's hard to imagine getting anything decent from that level these days. The SPFL is rammed full of ordinary Scottish journeymen and one or two players who may have the potential to make the step up.
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