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  1. The linesman is in the perfect position to see that. Fucking cheat.
  2. Or you pick the one who has the best delivery/shot to do most of that. I'm not saying 100% of the attacks but he does the most which tells me that's the managers instructions.
  3. How many games has Tav played at right back and who has played anything like as much at left back?
  4. I agree with this. The main fault was the managers selection and the lack of intensity from the players out there but probably mainly the manager. We needed width to attack their fullbacks.
  5. No, obviously the manager doesn't say to BOTH fullbacks, "park your arses on the oppositions 18 yard box".
  6. Because one side is asked to stay back and babysit the centre backs. You're not going to get both full baks up by the oppositions 18 yard box the full game. Tav probably has priority from Gerrard to do that role. It was like the filth, Tierney would attack up the flank all game while Lustg sat back and babysat.
  7. Probably not because he takes the penalties. But I say it again, any team that parks two buses against us, our full backs have nothing to do but get beyond our wingers and fire in crosses, no wonder he's going to have loads of assists. If we're set up so that the left back and two centre backs stay back while Tav has freedom to get beyond, then he's going to have loads of balls into the box.
  8. Completely the wrong tactics for a team with two small strikers. Launching high balls into the box that has a 6'5'' and a 6'4'' centre backs is playground stupid when your strikers are 5'7'' and 5'8''.
  9. His game is good against the pish sides who park the bus but not so much when there's pressure in the opposite direction. Any full back would look good if the team they're playing against sits back for 90 minutes.
  10. Where did I say he was a great defender? The only thing his game has is crosses and penalties and if you force him back he's got nothing.
  11. He seems to get caught dreaming a bit too often for my liking such as letting the ball run out of play with no pressure on him. He had one decent shot on target but not much else of note for the 45 minutes he was on the park.
  12. Yeah, you see that when we're playing the dross, Tav can just sit high and not be too concerned about balls in behind him. Today though he had Johnston occupying him which fucks that as a tactic even more.
  13. It seemed to unsettle our team as much as it did everyone watching.
  14. I would understand that tactic if we had a Mark Hately type in the box but it's Defoe and Morelos so any cross has to be pinpoint accurate because those two wont be outjumping 6'4'' defenders.
  15. Coop


    Hasn't Gerrard brought in a fines system for red cards this season?
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